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What is the crux of the frequent fire accidents of the external LED display screen in Yuandu hotel

Abstract: the past weekend made all led people ashamed. The group and circle of friends were swiped by a message that the LED display screen was on fire. Except for shock and accident, no one would believe that this is a LED display screen project that has been completed for only ten days! Haven't LED display companies learned a lesson from many black histories

this past weekend made all led people ashamed. The group and circle of friends were swiped by the news that an LED display screen was on fire. Except for shock and accident, no one would believe that this is a LED display screen project that has been completed for only ten days! Haven't LED display companies learned a lesson from many black histories? Today, we must take a look at what we should reflect on in this accident

led display black history is not enough "black"

for a long time, LED display screen accidents often occur, such as collapse, black screen, fire... All kinds of "black history" are constantly heard. Every year, enterprises in the LED display screen industry are claiming that quality is supreme, but few enterprises can really achieve zero product problems and zero project failures. Up to now, whether the machine is dynamic or not, the "black history" of many accidents in the LED display industry has long surprised people, but no one has thought that the fire of the external LED display project of Yuandu hotel will refresh the "black history" of the LED display industry again

it is reported that at 17:49 on April 8, the 119 command center received an alarm that the LED display screen outside the Yuandu hotel located on the central street of Jinzhou City was on fire. The ancient pagoda and Linghe squadron sent 9 fire engines and 40 people to the scene. At the same time, the full service headquarters accompanied them. The fire department confirmed that the fire scene was the LED screen outside the hotel on fire, with an area of about 60 square meters. There was no indoor fire and no casualties. At 18:42, the open fire on site was completely extinguished

the outdoor LED display screen of Jinzhou Yuandu hotel was completed on March 30 this year. The accident occurred only ten days before the completion of the project, and the LED display screen caught fire. The reason must be that most led people know that they do not pay attention to quality and safety, and the LED display screen project is difficult to maintain its performance and normal operation for a long time

as we all know, a LED display screen project costs a lot of manpower, material resources and time. Under normal circumstances, the LED display screen project can last for more than ten or twenty years or even longer, and the screen enterprise only needs regular inspection and maintenance to ensure the safety of the screen. However, in the fire accident of the outdoor LED display screen of Jinzhou Yuandu Hotel, the project burned down after only ten days of operation, which obviously shamed the entire LED display screen industry. Is it true that the "black history" of LED display screen is not black enough? This is a great irony

what is the crux of frequent accidents on LED display

did not cross the "quality level"

now, under the premise of the heavy attack of many large enterprises of LED display and the rapid momentum of industry transformation, we are soberly aware that led display Xingdong light company has also strengthened its close contact with key upstream and downstream customers, and the production technology of the industry has entered a mature stage. At the same time, LED display technology has improved year by year, but the quality of LED display products is still worrying, and the phenomenon of mixed products in the industry has not been changed. The fundamental reason for the frequent accidents of LED display screen is that the screen enterprises have not crossed the "quality barrier", and have been repeatedly found to be unqualified LED display products. Accidents have occurred one after another. The LED display screen industry has also been made negative headlines for many times. Without solving the fundamental quality problems, zero accidents in the LED display screen industry is ultimately a myth

regular LED display manufacturing enterprises produce and manufacture products through strict production inspection procedures, including incoming inspection, production inspection, quality inspection, product aging, factory inspection and other review procedures. Once there are product quality problems or low pass rate in the process of production inspection, production should be stopped, and the problems can be solved before production can continue to leave the factory and be put into sale and use, This is a rigorous production process

at present, there is no LED display product in the LED display industry that can be shaped and mass produced once from R & D to manufacturing. Only after a long time of optimization and improvement can it be slowly produced in small batches for trial. Most products in the LED display industry are stable products after long-term application. However, due to the huge increase in market competition in the LED display industry year by year, many small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry are in low-speed growth, coupled with the long-term existence of adverse phenomena such as product homogenization and low-cost competition in the industry, some screen enterprises ignore the management of product quality and financial control, resulting in distorted enterprise development, defective products flowing into the market, and LED display accidents

the poor construction of the project is a "man-made disaster"

at present, the impact of the natural environment caused by the collapse of the LED display project is also one of the important reasons. However, from the perspective of this accident, there is no direct connection between the fire of the LED display and the natural environment, and it is obviously unreasonable to blame the objective natural cause this time. Moreover, the LED display screen project focuses on the construction of engineering companies, so we should have a certain heart for the project. If the project is not built well, it is "man-made disasters" to go around

the LED display screen project is improperly built, causing various problems in the later stage. The first reason is that the outdoor project installation of LED display screen products requires not only the handling of products, but also the reasonable inlay with buildings, so as to achieve the purpose of perfect outdoor display of buildings. However, in the process of handling and installation, the conditions are limited, and engineering companies often pay attention to one thing and lose the other, resulting in the unqualified installation of LED display screen, leaving hidden dangers in the project

secondly, the relevant standards for outdoor fixed LED displays in the LED display industry are relatively mature. For convenience, some screen enterprises often directly apply the fixed standards, without considering the different characteristics of different projects, and without formulating specific plans according to the corresponding application environment. Some enterprises even reduce the intermediate and final detection links in order to catch up with the construction period, resulting in the increase of unstable factors in the whole project

in addition, driven by interests, some engineering companies are too hasty in the project, such as cutting corners, judging only by experience, lack of on-site investigation, taking chances, inadequate supervision of the implementation of the whole project, and engineering regulations are in vain... It can be seen that the construction of LED display engineering projects should be fully valued by both manufacturers and builders, and appropriate engineering schemes should be made for different projects according to local conditions, This is also the embodiment of the "private customization" mode advocated by the LED display industry at present

the development of screen enterprises is dominated by the word "profit"

throughout the LED display industry, from the sudden profits of emerging industries in the early morning to the reasonable and stable development, the problems in the industry have been paid more and more attention by people, and the simple pursuit of profit by enterprises is increasingly contradictory to the technical quality of products. Previously, LED display screen enterprises sought huge profits, and it was an important breakthrough to make an issue of product quality and price. But now, the consumption concept of consumers in the LED display screen industry has improved, and the industry reshuffle has accelerated, and some inferior products are being eliminated. The usual cheap products and inferior products have been abandoned by the market and consumers. Under this, some profit-making screens, but there is great uncertainty in the process of technological development and maturity. Enterprises try to bring inferior products to the market, and they are more or less responsible for the occurrence of various LED display unsafe accidents

enterprises that abandon quality are often small and medium-sized enterprises, which have no advantage in the industry competition. They do not have strong funds to expand their enterprise strength, devote themselves to technological research and development, and innovate new products; Nor can it effectively integrate enterprise resources and improve the living environment, so it can only linger and be swallowed up by large enterprises. LED display enterprises struggling in the front line of life and death will only gradually deepen the contradiction between profits and product quality, and try to seek humble profits from low-cost products to save themselves. However, the word "benefit" in the development of enterprises has been wrong at first. Going further and further on the wrong road will only bring greater trauma to the industry and induce more unsafe accidents and industrial hazards

led display enterprises blindly pursue profits and want to directly skip the long precipitation and technological innovation stage. Without solid technology as support, they will only accelerate the rate of extinction in the price competition. The temptation of the market is no longer as real as LED display enterprises' deep-rooted industry and steady progress

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