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The cultural connotation of Baijiu packaging is profound

the brewing industry and packaging industry are two interactive industries that integrate with each other. People's purchase of wine has changed from the single "practical" (physiological needs) in the past. Sometimes when consumers drink, they are actually tasting a mood, an atmosphere, and a culture. This makes wine culture and wine packaging become an inseparable whole. Wine packaging is not pure art, but has profound cultural connotation

in addition to protecting goods and facilitating transportation, packaging also plays a role in promotion, that is, creating added value of goods. Taking packaging as the carrier and inheriting culture to create added value is the most effective way to increase the cultural concepts contained in products and realize product differentiation. In the Baijiu market with a wide variety, from the analysis of liquor sales, it is concluded that the unique style and charm of inner and outer packaging of liquor play an important role in publicity and promotion of Baijiu sales. Many Baijiu manufacturers take the differences, uniqueness, originality, small batch quantification and personalization of liquor packaging as the leading ideas to develop the Baijiu market, which not only reduces fuel consumption, but also makes liquor culture and liquor packaging become an inseparable whole

China's high-quality Baijiu is mainly produced in mountainous areas with good water quality, such as Moutai in Guizhou, Luzhou Laojiao, Shanxi. This property makes it have potential tissue engineering utilization, such as Fen Liquor, Xifeng Liquor in Shaanxi, Langjiu liquor, etc. Today, with the homogenization of Baijiu products becoming more and more serious, the more personalized, regional, national and humanized product packaging is becoming more competitive. For example, the packaging of Fen Liquor: white porcelain bottles and blue and white flowers appear graceful and elegant, while the pattern of shepherd boy echoes the famous sentence "ask where the restaurant is, and shepherd boy points to Xinghua village from afar", which makes Fen Liquor full of poetic charm. Look at an wine again. The packaging is a purple sand wine bottle made after the induction and concentration of folk local opera masks. The seal is tied with red cloth and the double dragon carvings on both sides of the helmet to form two dragons playing with pearls. The outer box is made of bamboo lace and black interlining in the form of anti white words, and the national batik is used as the lining to enclose the wine bottle. The color is mainly dark blue and dark red with metallic feeling. The whole packaging is exquisite in conception, perfect in form, and integrates strong visual effects and distinctive regional characteristics...

Baijiu packaging can reflect different grades. Generally speaking, Baijiu packaging can be divided into three grades: medium and low grades, high grades and top grades

packaging of medium and low-grade liquor

medium and low-grade liquor generally refers to Baijiu with relatively affordable prices. When designing the packaging of medium and low-grade liquor, due to the cost factor, the packaging materials and production process will be limited, so the expressiveness of the packaging will be affected to a certain extent. However, it is by no means that the medium and low-grade wine packaging has no cultural expression. Excellent packaging works can be designed through good creativity, good positioning and appropriate forms of expression

high end wine packaging

high end wine generally refers to Baijiu with high price, exquisite packaging and cultural taste. For example, the successful launch of Jiugui wine packaging and Shuijingfang wine packaging has formed a boom in the development of high-end wine packaging. In order to improve the profit margin of Baijiu, Baijiu enterprises have launched high-end brands and competed for the high-end liquor market, which has become the mainstream trend of the development of Baijiu at present. At present, the competition pattern of high-end Baijiu in China can be divided into four camps, namely, the first camp represented by Wuliangye and Moutai; Strong crystal brands represented by Shuijingfang, Jiugui Liquor and Guojiao liquor are in the second camp; The secondary strong brands represented by Xifeng wine, shede wine, Dacheng Mingjiao boutique series, and everlasting are in the third camp; The fourth camp is the regional crystal brand represented by Baijiu produced by small and medium-sized enterprises. The number of brands of high-end wine is the largest. Resin matrix composites are mainly used in the cold end of aircraft engines. A considerable number of manufacturers have launched their own high-end brands. Famous and high-quality enterprises' have high-quality product quality assurance and thick culture as the support, making the packaging of high-end wine impressive, while most enterprises' products are in a difficult situation

there are three conditions for high-end wine: 1) product advantages. Including product quality, product personality and packaging, product value and price, brewing environment, brewing technology, etc; 2) Brand value. Including brand image, brand culture, that is, products, packaging, culture, communication, promotion, value and other factors; 3) Brand culture. Including corporate culture and humanistic spirit, aesthetic culture, brewing culture and other cultural value orientations

generally speaking, high-end wine is a new product of cultural wine, which integrates factors such as excellent quality, long history, personalized products and packaging characteristics, high-value enjoyment and so on

best packaging

best wine is also called collection wine. Due to its cultural and emotional connotation, it has long been an important part of the collection market in foreign countries. Many people are proud that they can collect several bottles of old red wine. With the help of a celebration or an important anniversary, the collection of commemorative wine is particularly concerned. For example, Jinliufu factory once specially produced Jinliufu national football team qualifying celebration wine to celebrate the qualification of China's national football team in the world cup, and sold 9999 bottles in limited quantities. All its raw materials were selected from the top-grade Wuliangye raw materials as the base wine, and the shape of the celebration wine bottle was carefully designed. The whole bottle body was wrapped in 24K pure gold. At the same time, as soon as the national football team qualified, it was officially authorized by the Chinese Football Association and numbered uniformly. Each bottle of wine has its own special collection certificate. Such elaborate packaging is naturally expensive

first of all, the ultimate goal of gourmet wine is not to maximize profits. It is a means for Baijiu enterprises to show the strength of the brand, improve the brand image and enhance the brand influence. Only a few famous liquor enterprises have the financial resources to launch gourmet wine; secondly; Gourmet wine is not bought with money. Sometimes it is given special meaning and used for special occasions, which also proves that it is not for the ultimate purpose of profit; Third, Jijing wine can be said to be a symbol of special identity and status. It is for successful people and social names. 5. Host size (length x width x height): 3000x600x1500mm flow shows identity. This shows not only the owner, but also the status of the producer, so that both consumers and producers have a sense of satisfaction

the design of Baijiu packaging should pay attention to artistic appeal, which refers to the consideration of shelf display, form novelty and visual impact in the market exhibition

Jiugui Liquor is packaged in earthenware bottles tied with hemp ropes, which gives people a rough and unrestrained feeling, and soon won the recognition of consumers; "Hundred years of solitude", which used to be very popular, also uses a similar rough style to give people a feeling of transcendence and vulgarity; "Little muddle headed Fairy" uses cylindrical porcelain bottles similar to Maotai liquor, which makes consumers feel like they have been familiar with each other, and finally achieves the cognitive effect of "Maotai Town handed down good wine", so as to "make a famous family"; The most prominent feature of Shuijingfang is to burn six scenic spots in Jinguan city on six sides of the well platform at the bottom of the bottle by hand. Its novel form not only brightens the eyes of consumers, but also coincides with the "well", reflecting that history and culture breed Shuijingfang; Shede wine adopts large white and brown color blocks to contrast the composition, and integrates the special Chinese characters "Zhi", "Zun", "she" and "de"

these formal practices are innovative and alternative to attract consumers, create visual culture and make it popular. Therefore, when designing wine packaging, we must use accurate, vivid and unique visual language to express cultural themes

at present, the packaging of Baijiu in the Baijiu market is still based on the nostalgic style. The reason for this phenomenon is the pursuit of returning to nature, that is, to achieve the realm of returning to nature, so that people's sense of psychological belonging can be realized. More and more designs will transcend the consumption level and reflect the relationship between people, people and nature, people and society. It is through the unity of "humanization" of things and "materialization" of people that design achieves the integration of people and design, design and people, so that design becomes the link between tradition and the future

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