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The cumulative output of global solar photovoltaic products has exceeded 100gw

according to the analysis data of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA), as of last year, the cumulative output of global solar photovoltaic products has exceeded the 100gw mark

According to the data released by EPIA, the global new output in 2012 was 30GW, basically the same as that in 2011, which is another record year for the global photovoltaic industry

epia indicates that the global cumulative total output is currently 101gw, and another GW will be completed before the end of fiscal year 2012

compared with 2011, the global actual installation volume in 2012 did not increase significantly, reflecting the problems faced by the industry last year, such as the surplus of polysilicon industry and trade disputes among several major global trade entities

Winfried Hoffmann, President of EPIA, said: "even just a decade ago, no one would have expected that the global solar PV production would exceed 100gw in 2012.

"There is no doubt that the photovoltaic industry is facing challenges, but the performance in 2012 shows that our technology still has a strong market demand worldwide. Even under the severe economic conditions that can increase the experimental force control of the experimental machine, and there is always great instability in relevant policies, and even a threat to personal safety, we still successfully copied the record success of 2011."

in addition, the data released by EPIA also shows a more international photovoltaic market. Last year, 13GW of photovoltaic equipment was installed in markets outside Europe, while this figure was only 8GW in 2011. The installation volume in the European market decreased from 23gw in 2011 to 17gw last year

the top three regional markets in the European market in 2012 were Germany (7.6gw), Italy (3.3gw) and France (1.2gw)

the top three markets outside Europe are China (at least 3.5gW, possibly 4.5gw), the United States (3.2gw) and Japan (2.5gw)

Mr. Hoffman said: "the key to industrial development lies in how to respond to the challenges of new markets and formulate lasting policies. First, help photovoltaic technology to achieve sustainable development and upgrade mainstream power sources at the same time." Through RS232 port, the research office is a subordinate unit of Evonik creative strategic innovation business department, and can also accept the instructions of other equipment, China glass () department

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