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The cultural standard concept of green packaging design

modern packaging design is a design discipline based on culture, based on life and guided by modernity. As the famous anthropologist malinlovski said, "in human social life, the needs of all creatures have been transformed into the needs of culture". Therefore, when we are carrying out the packaging design in a cultural form, how to make our design reflect the characteristics of personality and meet the requirements of contemporary cultural concepts to the greatest extent has become a direct subject that every packaging designer must face

culture is the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth created in the process of human historical practice. Can packaging design culture include all ways of behavior of people, things created by satisfying these ways of behavior, and psychological concepts formed based on these aspects. Generally speaking, these are the whole composed of many design cultural elements, which can be divided into three levels. First, the cultural level of packaging design, which is the surface of design culture; Second, the organizational system of packaging design, which is the middle level of design culture, has strong timeliness and continuity. 1. Volume effect; Third, the concept level of packaging design, which is a cultural psychological state, can also be considered as the consciousness level of design culture. It is in the core and dominant position, and is the basis and basis for all activities of all elements of the design system. The impact of the development of science and technology, the improvement of productivity and the progress of culture on the packaging design culture is mainly reflected in the concepts of production and life, values, thinking, and the fact that lubricant manufacturers should be familiar with the concept of beauty, morality and ethics, and national psychology. It is the most stable part in the structure of design culture, and it is also the soul of design culture. It exists in people's hearts and develops and changes. Eventually, the four point bending method with a certain constant bending moment will be embodied in the organizational system level directly or indirectly, so as to stipulate its own development and laws, absorb, transform or exclude heterogeneous cultural elements, and influence the development trend of design culture. Based on this, it will be helpful for packaging designers to study the cultural concept of contemporary Chinese packaging design and explore the trend and trend of Chinese packaging cultural concept in the future. At present, what is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and is most likely to become the mainstream of the cultural concept of packaging design in China at present and for a long time in the future? Based on multidisciplinary theoretical research and our design practice in recent years, we believe that this cultural concept should include the following aspects; Taking science and technology as the foundation and driving force, while adhering to the concept of "people-oriented", we should strive to achieve the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and strive to achieve the sustainable development of human society

first, "people-oriented" reinterpretation

different nations have different histories and different times have different ideas, so the packaging design culture is both national and contemporary. After the formation of a nation, at different stages of this historical process, the national culture will show a series of characteristics of the times. As long as we recognize the continuity and development of packaging design culture, there will be the contemporary existence of packaging design culture. This is because the packaging design culture is first of all a process of historical development, the superposition and inheritance of the design culture of the nation in various times, based on the material society of the times, the accumulation of traditional design culture and the unity of opposites that constantly sublate, and the unity of opposites between historicity and reality

packaging design culture has its epochal nature, which is mainly reflected in the organizational system and material level of packaging design culture, but design follows the times and focuses on ideas. Today, with economic globalization and the rapid development of science and technology, the subjective forms of society have undergone fundamental changes, especially the wide and high-speed dissemination of information, the increasingly fierce open concept, the diversification of social structure and values, aesthetic concepts, the frequent communication between people, the continuous increase of social and human requirements, and the crisis of energy, environment and ecology caused by the alienation of industrial civilization, All this forces us to look back on the track of human development due to the special flame retardant effect, which involves the change of "humanistic concept" in the history of human culture and our reinterpretation of the current "people-oriented" concept

the concept of "humanism" in the west can be traced back to ancient Greece, but at that time, the meaning of humanism was only to highlight human subjectivity and celebrate the respect and struggle between human beings and gods (actually all natural things). Later, through the intermediary inheritance of ancient Roman culture, the development and evolution of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment period, and finally with the expansion and promotion of the industrial revolution, this humanistic thought gradually left the ideological range of the traditional humanistic concept of "harmony between man and nature" and turned to "man is the master of all things", "human needs are the scale of all things", This leads to the generation and implementation of human beings' endless plundering and demanding behavior from nature. So far, the concept of humanism has been driven by powerful material forces and human greed to deviate from the right track and go astray, and the direct consequence is as mentioned above. The harsh reality forces people to reinterpret and reposition "humanism" and its orientation

as for China, the real sense of "people-oriented" thought may have to rise from the brewing of China's bourgeois revolutionary movement before it gradually spread. Before that, due to the stability of the mainstream status of Confucian traditional culture for thousands of years and the accompanying strong influence of political culture on people's ideas, Chinese people have long attributed the human body to non self-expression categories such as heaven and earth parents, kings, and the state, Even the simplest and most basic concepts of humanistic consciousness, independence, are rare. This makes modern China not only experience the energy, environment and ecological crisis caused by industrial cultural alienation similar to the west, but also bear the ideological crisis and belief crisis caused by political alienation (such as the ten-year activities of the Cultural Revolution)

a one-sided understanding of the concept of "people-oriented" often evolves into meeting the short-term needs of a few people at the expense of the long-term development of all mankind. In fact, this concept of taking the realization of the interests of a few individuals (including some businesses and consumers) as the "foundation" just deliberately obliterates the boundary between human beings and people, long-term and current

in contemporary China, how should we reinterpret and define the cultural concept of "people-oriented"? We know that in the spring and Autumn period, Lao Tzu once put forward the thought of "the unity of heaven and man". Although its original intention was to hope that people would be quiet and do nothing and integrate into the universe like in the early days of primitive society, except for the negative elements in his thought, the concept of harmonious coexistence with nature is still of great reference to us today; It's just that we have a longer-term vision, a more enterprising attitude, and put the "what is the foundation" on the sustainable development of human society. So, in the face of many crises caused by alienation, how can we bring order out of chaos and seek the sustainable development of human society? I believe that to achieve sustainable development, we must always rely on scientific and technological progress and always hold high the banner of "green, humanities, science and technology"

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