The hottest xinguolian futures oil price continues

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Xinguolian Futures: oil prices continue to fall, and the rubber market is under heavy pressure

yesterday, the main force of Shanghai Rubber 901 directly opened below the limit. Although it was opened in the session, it was closed at the limit in the late session, falling 565 points to 13495 in the session. The Japanese rubber opened low and fluctuated. Today, it continued to open sharply low from the 170 position

fundamentals, bad data continued, the overnight financial market fell sharply, oil prices continued to fall, and the cost of synthetic rubber fell, putting pressure on the Tianjiao market

the production reduction measures of the main producing countries in Southeast Asia also have a certain support for the rubber price, but the reduction of 215000 tons is insignificant compared with the global supply of 10million tons

the global economy is in recession and the resulting demand concerns still dominate the market sentiment. The consumption of the automotive industry continues to weaken, resulting in increased tire sales pressure, rubber demand slows down again, and the domestic spot SCR5 remains 18200 yuan/ton. The high-grade thin film blown out by the main film blowing machine can be used as commodity packaging to promote the reluctance to sell

in terms of technology, Shanghai Jiaotong 901 fell within one day. Only with excellent technology can we sincerely stop the product and rebound in the short term, and pay attention to the integer threshold pressure of 14000 and 15700. Japanese rubber fell sharply, but in the short term, it faces the support of 153 positions below

operation suggestions: Tianjiao will maintain a weak trend in the later stage, but driven by crude oil, it will continue to rebound, but the space is limited, and it is not easy to catch up. It is mainly to vent at high prices, and pay attention to the integer gate pressure of 14000 and 15700

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