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Xinguolian Futures: the US dollar strengthened, and crude oil did not change the rising trend

crude oil surged again under the strengthening of the US dollar, showing strength and providing support for fuel oil, but the current weakening international economy and crude oil demand will not support high oil prices and prevent high callback risks

technically, crude oil continues to maintain a high level, and pay attention to the high-level trend. Huyou 805 did not rise due to the impact of the high crude oil, and the upward pressure increased. The daily chart showed that the pressure at 4400 position was strong, but the daily average was divergent. It was supported by the 10 day line within the day, and the support at 4200 position was not broken, but the technical indicators showed signs of bow. Pay attention to this position, Zhao Jianxi, Wang Longzhang, Wang Tianqing and Guo Wanli jointly pressed the starting direction with the different HV content

operation suggestions: there is uncertainty about whether the current high price of crude oil can stand firm. Multiple orders can continue to be held cautiously or reduced in case of high prices. Short term upward pressure, there is a possibility of correction, short-term trading to 4200, the rotation of complex projects will not be a single 1 loss, bargain hunting

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