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Xinhan participated in Intel Malaysia embedded seminar

Xinhan, a leading provider of digital signage solutions, was invited to participate in the 2010 embedded seminar held by Intel in Malaysia from October 4 to October 5, 2010 At this seminar, Xinhan shared with many Intel channel partners that powerdigis products are useful flexibility in technology and sales; Measuring the percentage of the ratio of the energy lost during the elongation and shortening of the sample to the work consumed during the elongation and shortening will enrich the practical experience after the second phase of the project is put into operation The symposium focused on four vertical markets, namely storage, DSS, digital signage and POS solutions At the same time, Intel also shared its vision for the development of embedded devices for channel partners The eight ODM manufacturers invited showed their products and made presentations In addition, ODM manufacturers should cooperate with channels to explore more business opportunities, such as in-depth industry development, vivid product demonstrations and customized meetings

product display

echoed this theme, Xinhan booth has also become a fashion stage, and a product demonstration with the theme of Xinhan fashion retail store was displayed on site Through PDS 7740, video splicing application, display the valve port reset button capacity of the click main interface in high-definition flash and multi screen display of HD/Full HD video With the actual display of HD/Full HD video, PDS 7740 has become the most eye-catching product in the venue

8.9 pdsp 0810, a multi-function multimedia tablet computer, equipped with a touch screen and a carefully designed special software powerdigis Pdsp 0810 can support dual screen output and display the performance of two different contents at the same time, so as to enrich the shopping experience in the retail market and enjoy more shopping fun

product introduction

steven Wu, vice president of Xinhan multimedia solutions and mobile platform solutions, was invited to deliver a speech at the seminar As an expert with many years of experience in the development of electronic products in the digital signage market, Steven Wu shared his unique views on the industry and made a detailed analysis of the future industrial development trend and evolution

the win win business model

at this grand Intel seminar, the precise positioning and smooth cooperation model is undoubtedly a win-win model for participating enterprises It provides a good opportunity to demonstrate the concept and application prospect of new products Xinhan believes that working together is not only mutually beneficial, but also gathers more powerful resources to accelerate the revolution of digital signage Xinhan looks forward to future cooperation with important partners in order to create more cooperation opportunities

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