The hottest xinguolian futures rubber rebound fell

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Xinguolian Futures: the middle line of rubber rebound can be short sold at high prices

this week, driven by the crude oil pullback, Shanghai Rubber rebounded and fell. The main markets in the rest of the region performed well in July. Once rebounded with technical support, affected by the continued sharp pullback of crude oil on Wednesday, it fell in response, hitting the limit for many times. It closed slightly positive on Friday (6) be sure to pay careful attention to the oil level when refueling, and deal throughout the week, Positions decreased by 2704 to 55510

information analysis:

1 Domestic: by analogy, 335 is the yield strength 335mpa

due to climate and disease reasons, the tapping period in the main domestic production areas has been postponed for days, resulting in domestic consumption of inventory. The inventory in Shanghai has decreased by 5965 tons to 86965 tons this week, and the inventory has decreased for two consecutive weeks, providing short-term rubber price support. However, the rubber tapping period in the main rubber producing areas of Yunnan and Hainan is approaching, and the spot demand enterprises are gradually waiting for the listing of new rubber, resulting in a lack of spot transactions at present. The spot quantity will gradually increase, which will also meet the domestic market, putting pressure on the rubber price

natural rubber inventory statistics of Shanghai Stock Exchange (unit: ton)

domestic spot statistics (unit: yuan/ton)

2 Internationally:

seasonal factors in major foreign production areas have led to a reduction in supply, supporting the rubber price. But the appreciation of the yen put pressure on the rubber price. At the same time, international crude oil corrected this week, which was bad for the rubber price

technical analysis

the daily glue fell, and the MACD index in the daily chart showed a downward trend. At the same time, the 10 day moving average bowed downward to give pressure, and the technical graph weakened. After the rebound of Shanghai Jiaotong 807 in this week, it continued to go low. The MACD index showed that the top deviation since August 2007, and the daily average moved downward. The weekly chart showed that this position was the 60 week weekly position, which was expected to be supported. It may rebound next week, the rebound space was limited, and 23450 was a strong pressure

operation suggestions:

the tapping period in the main domestic production areas is approaching, and the glue price will be suppressed in the later stage. Investors in the middle line can sell short at high prices, for example, trade cautiously with 23450 as the stop loss. The short-term stop loss is 22000 and 22800, and sell short at high levels

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