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Xingye dimming glass: taking advantage of the strong waves of the glass industry, the guiding opinions of the general office of the State Council on promoting the steady growth of the building materials industry, adjusting structure and increasing efficiency were officially issued on May 18, 2016, The guiding opinions clearly pointed out: "develop high-end glass, improve building energy-saving standards, and promote the application of Low-E coated glass plates, real (medium) Empty glass, safety glass, personalized curtain wall, photovoltaic light and heat integrated glass products, as well as energy-saving doors and windows to meet the needs of energy-saving transformation of existing buildings. We should actively develop new products such as fire-proof glass plates and electrochromic glass for buildings, and develop structural and functional integrated glass plates and products required for agricultural planting and sightseeing greenhouses in combination with the development of facility agriculture and the construction of beautiful villages. "

the electrochromic glass to be actively developed, also known as electrically controlled dimming glass, is mentioned in the guiding opinions. Its working principle can be understood as: when the power supply of the electrically controlled product is turned off, the liquid crystal molecules in the electrically controlled dimming glass will show an irregular dispersion state, so that light cannot enter, and the electrically controlled glass will show an opaque appearance; When the dimming glass is powered on, the liquid crystal molecules inside are arranged neatly, and the light can penetrate freely. At this time, the dimming glass is instantly transparent. According to the similarities and differences of control means and principles, dimming glass can be switched between transparent and opaque states by electric control, temperature control, light control, voltage control and other means. However, due to the limitations of conditions, the dimming glass on the market to achieve mass production is mainly electronic dimming glass

"As a subsidiary of China Xingye solar energy technology Holding Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Xingye Applied Materials Technology Co., Ltd. entered the field of optical film materials with a high starting point, high investment and high standards in 2010. It has a 10000 square meter production workshop and a 4000 square meter clean workshop, two advanced roll to roll ITO film production lines, two wet precision coating production lines, two supporting film and slitting production lines, and an annual output of 36000 square meters Among the deep-processing production lines of dimming glass, the 2400mm wide ITO roll to roll automatic production line is the widest in Asia. It is the earliest dimming product manufacturer in China that integrates the whole line from ITO substrate to liquid crystal polymer to roll to roll. It is also the only material manufacturer in China that has the ability to integrate ITO coating, precision wet coating to produce dimming film and provide dimming glass. " Talking about his own enterprise, laizhuofan, deputy general manager of Zhuhai Xingye Applied Materials Technology Co., Ltd., told him like a treasure

meet the all-round needs of the market with rich product types

"Xingye Yingcai's products are self-developed and belong to new intelligent liquid crystal composites. At present, it provides intelligent liquid crystal dimming glass, intelligent liquid crystal dimming film, dimming projection system, laser cinema, high-quality ITO conductive film and other products." With excellent performance, rich variety, diverse colors, complete specifications, low energy consumption and stable quality, its products can be widely used in the fields of glass interior and exterior decoration of public buildings, civil buildings, projection display, window advertising and outdoor advertising of glass curtain walls

laminated intelligent liquid crystal dimming glass is a new type of photoelectric control laminated glass. It uses intelligent liquid crystal dimming film as the middle interlayer of the glass. Through special sandwich technology, multi-layer composite materials are closely combined to form laminated glass. Under the adjustment of applied voltage, it can realize the instantaneous transparent and opaque switching, so as to realize the dimming function of the glass, and at the same time, it has the characteristics of safety glass, It can be used as an intelligent projection screen. At present, the common EVA process production method in the domestic dimming glass industry has certain limitations, which makes ordinary dimming glass rarely used in outdoor building curtain walls, but Xingye's unique PVB process effectively improves the weatherability, aging resistance and impact resistance of dimming glass. The dimming glass installed on the building is impacted by any external force, and even if the glass is broken, it can still be completely maintained on the original frame, People nearby will not be injured by flying glass fragments

hollow intelligent liquid crystal dimming glass is a new type of photoelectric control hollow glass. Users can control the visual state of the glass by controlling the on-off of voltage, so as to realize the dual functions of glass permeability and privacy protection. At the same time, compared with the same force value point on the dial of the material testing machine and the standard tensile sample, the air intelligent liquid crystal dimming glass is that two pieces of glass are evenly separated by effective support, and the surrounding is pasted and sealed. The inner side of one piece of glass is closely pasted with the intelligent dimming film, and a dry gas space is formed between the two glass layers. As the middle partition of the glass, the dry gas not only protects the dimming film, but also makes up for the sound insulation The short board in terms of heat insulation and other performance has achieved a qualitative leap

the original glass for dimming glass production can be provided according to the use needs of customers, including ordinary glass, tempered glass, special-shaped glass, hot bending glass, Low-E glass, fire-proof glass and other special glass, with the maximum production size of 2100mm × 5900mm。

compared with dimming glass, dimming film has remarkable characteristics, one of which is convenient transportation and installation. The weight of the glass is eliminated, which is convenient for transportation. The film can be pasted on the installed transparent glass. The installation is convenient and fast, and the rapid switch between transparent and opaque glass can also be realized. The second is to adopt the positive Xuan wave to carry out the experiment; Widely used, that is, paste and use. The dimming film is pasted on the glass surface by dry pasting method. When the film fails or needs to be renewed, peel the old film from the glass, simply clean the glass surface and paste it again, without disassembling the whole glass

improve the added value of products and create more benefits for customers

with the market's in-depth exploration of the function of producing a component of an aircraft with a suitable size: four wing beams, each with a length of more than 62 meters, the functions that the traditional glass curtain wall and partition can play seem to have reached the "end of the mountain". Enterprises can only achieve "bright future" through technological innovation to improve the added value of products

for this reason, Xingye specially launched a dimming projection system. The system is composed of dimming projection curtain wall, dimming projection window and dimming projection large screen. Dimming projection curtain wall can make the glass curtain wall have screen, transparent glass and opaque partition, protect privacy, and effectively block infrared, visible light and ultraviolet light. Its ultra-low energy consumption and cold light source in the whole life cycle are different from other advertising media, and will not increase building energy consumption due to the increase of function. Combined with laser projection technology, advertising is a new type of advertising media, which not only ensures the function of curtain wall, but also creates advertising revenue for users. The dimming projection window can turn the customer window into an advertising medium, which can diversify the display methods of the window without changing the function of the window. Especially when applied to the street shops, the window with a sense of hierarchy, change and novelty can attract more people, and create considerable advertising revenue for the window owners. Finally, the large dimming projection screen combined with dimming film, dimming glass and laser projection can be widely used in exhibition halls, command centers, stage performances, monitoring rooms, multimedia rooms, conference rooms and other places that need dynamic picture display

taking advantage of the strong waves of the glass industry

only in the waters in the strong winds and waves can we wash the muddy water mixed in the sand and stones, and finally retain the essence of it. Both the industry trend and the attention of national ministries and commissions have revealed an important signal that the glass industry after rapid growth is entering the juncture of scouring the sand

although it has strong strength and a wide range of products, it still needs to do a lot in the face of the challenges of the glass industry and the production of new materials, which are fiercely competitive

next, Xingye will focus on the implementation of brand strategy. Based on the development strategy of "industrial scale, market globalization, talent specialization and management modernization", Xingye Yingcai will adopt a rapid R & D innovation and refined management mode. At the same time, we should give play to the leading role of enterprises, take brand, management and marketing network as the link, promote the innovation of business forms and business models, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, deepen the application of "Internet +" in product design, manufacturing, sales, management and other links, and create an e-commerce platform and professional logistics network distribution system. Strengthen brand cultivation, publicity and promotion, and strive to become the strongest manufacturer and system integrator in the industry

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