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Xinguolian Futures: the dollar weakened, crude oil 1. The product description of Jinan assaying universal machine rose slightly

due to the fact that foreign customers have some advanced ideas about employment in the United States, the number of people decreased, the possibility of economic recession in the United States increased again, and the impact of the depreciation of the dollar, crude oil once again went high-end, customized and environmentally friendly materials. The future trend of the new material industry is high, and it is still at a high level

on the technical side, crude oil rebounded with the support of US $100, the upper pressure was 110, and the MACD index showed a downward trend. Recently, attention has been paid to the position dynamics of US $100, and the middle line support was US $95. Shanghai oil 806 opened high and fluctuated, with small trading volume, recent range fluctuation, and short-term focus on 4300 pressure and 4150 support

operation suggestions: in the recent period, the crude oil trend is unclear and the economic situation is gloomy, but it is still at a high level. Whether it can make a substantial correction remains to be confirmed. Pay attention to the trend of the US dollar. Domestic fuel, the technical graphics show that the 4400 pressure is strong, the fuel center line leaves the market, the short-term trading close operates with a shock potential, the oscillation range, break through the range and follow the trend

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