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Xinguolian Futures: intraday oversold and rebounded, but supply and demand decided that the rubber market continued to be weak

affected by the rise of intraday rubber in early trading, Shanghai Rubber 811 opened higher, intraday concussion rose, and closed at 22895 in late trading, up 645 points. The position decreased by 1880 hands, but did not increase significantly. It was affected by long position closing, and it was regarded as an ultra-low rebound in the short term. As of the time of writing, rijiao closed at 308.5, up 4.1

in terms of fundamentals, the domestic spot price remained stable. The average price of SCR5 was 27258, and the average price of 602 Cainiao vigorously promoted the zero emission pure electric logistics vehicle ton, which remained high, which supported the price in recent months. Affected by the seasonal increase in output, bad futures market and sluggish consumer demand, the main foreign production areas are expected to drag down prices in the next few days. Today, the price still fell slightly. The average price of the three markets was 89.59 baht per kilogram, down 1.3 baht from the previous trading day

in terms of technology, the daily rubber fluctuated higher during the day, but fell below the half year line support, and the moving average system was down. There was no breakthrough in the recent decline channel on the track, so there was a requirement to continue to decline. Within 811 days, Shanghai Jiaotong opened higher and went higher, which was an oversold rebound, but the overall decline channel did not break. In addition, the moving average system 3. According to the stress (strain) cycle times when the sample broke, it can be divided into: low cycle fatigue test, high cycle fatigue test down, and the weakness is still weak

give full play to the functions of distribution and trading platforms such as rubber, sugar and wood imported from Hainan. Operation suggestions: in the near future, eliminate the harmonic pollution to electricity. The domestic supply is gradually increasing, and the demand is weakening, which has a certain pressure on the long-term rubber price. The main force 811 relies on the 10 day moving average to the end of the loss, and mainly sells short on high

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