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Xinguolian Futures: as the Spring Festival approaches, the price of rubber continues to fluctuate

crude oil has rebounded slightly stimulated by the Federal Reserve's interest rate cut, which still has many restrictions on its scope of utilization. However, under the influence of the increase in crude oil inventory, UBS group's huge loss of $11.4 billion in the fourth quarter and the subprime mortgage crisis, crude oil opened low and went low. Affected by this, Japanese rubber opened low and fluctuated, the price of rubber was under pressure at 293 yen, Shanghai Rubber rose and fell, and remained volatile throughout the day, with a maximum of 23695, The minimum is 23485, with 69548 transactions significantly reduced, and the position is reduced by 1002 to 65, so as to minimize the body mass by 764

fundamentals, according to the news on January 31 in Bangkok, the spot price of uss3 rubber in Thailand rose slightly on Thursday, as Thailand entered the off-season of production and its output fell. In the second, third and fourth parts of Heai traders, it confirmed the classification method through fire resistance experiments, saying that the cutting material reduction will push up the price of raw rubber and spot rubber in the coming week. Traders said that Chinese consumer demand was good after the Spring Festival holiday, but the market trading was sluggish next week because buyers would leave the market. On the Heai center rubber market, the price of uss3 rubber was reported at 80.97 baht per kilogram and 80.89 baht per kilogram on Wednesday

in terms of technology, the Japanese glue surged and fluctuated today, and the MACD index showed a rise. However, recently, under the pressure of the golden section of 293 yen, the 30 day moving average put pressure. Shanghai Jiaotong 805 bottomed out and rebounded this week, putting pressure on the 30 day moving average and the 10 day moving average. MACD indicators show a slowdown and will remain volatile in the short term. In the near future, we will focus on the 23500, 23000 and 22600 golden section, and the 30 day moving average pressure

operation suggestions: the overall upward trend of Shanghai Jiaotong Rubber Co., Ltd. is good, coupled with the domestic cut-off, and it is off-season abroad, so the rise trend of the middle line will not change. Driven by the lack of strong bullish news in the short term, it will also adjust downward, focusing on the 23500, 23000 and 22600 golden section levels and 30 day moving average pressure levels, intra day trading

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