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Xinguolian Futures: the financial market is volatile, and rubber is unable to recover.

under the influence of the global financial market turmoil and the improvement of domestic demand is far from expected, Shanghai Rubber continued to be weak. Driven by the rebound of crude oil, Shanghai Rubber opened higher and went lower in the session, and the main force 901 closed at 20245, down 710 points. Japanese rubber also opened higher and went lower, closing at 286.3 yen, up 0.2 yen

fundamentals, the downstream consumption of rubber has not increased as expected after the Olympic Games. The weak demand is the key to the pressure on the price of natural rubber. If the downstream consumption does not increase in the later stage, the price of rubber is difficult to improve. Affected by the turmoil in the international financial market, global commodities were bearish, which made the "winter" Tianjiao experience the pressure of "frost" again. The breaking position of crude oil put pressure on synthetic rubber, a substitute of Tianjiao, and suppressed the price of Tianjiao in a disguised form. Although it rebounded slightly yesterday, the space was limited, and domestic spot goods continued to fall, with the average price of China rubber SCR5 24953. The climate in Southeast Asia has led to the suspension of rubber tapping, and the supporting factors of Thailand's political instability are vulnerable to the fundamentals of weak consumption

in terms of technology, the Japanese rubber opened higher and went lower, and the monthly and semi annual lines still put pressure, and fell below the long-term rise support line. There is a requirement to continue to go lower in the near future. HuJiao 901 fell in the day, with strong pressure on the upper monthly line, falling below the recent support position in the day, and will continue to explore the first support position of 20000 in the short term. This structure has the advantages of high stiffness, high efficiency, stable transmission and so on

it accounts for 74% of the world's total chemical fiber. Operation suggestions: it is difficult for Shanghai glue to make a big improvement before the demand starts. In addition, affected by the recent financial market turmoil, Tianjiao is under heavy pressure, and the bottom is still slim. In the later stage, Tianjiao mainly trades short on the premise of setting a stop loss

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