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Xinhua III builds a TSI certified highly reliable data center for Anhui Mobile

with the rapid development of Internet, IOT, cloud computing and other application services, the data center is entering a period of rapid growth, and the layout of mobile operators in the data center market is comprehensively accelerating. How to ensure the security and stability of the data center, so as to improve the use effect and experience of access users, is also a severe test in front of mobile operators. After more than two years of efforts, the mobile data center of China Mobile Anhui Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Anhui Mobile Data Center) with the help of the new IT solution leader Xinhua three group (hereinafter referred to as Xinhua three), has not only won one of the few five-star data center awards within the mobile group, but also recently won the TV Nord hande collection of carbon fiber, high-end membrane materials, magnetic storage, rare and precious metal functional materials The frontier field of new materials such as steel for supercritical thermal power is still in the blank, and the mission issued the TSI (trusted data center infrastructure standard) certificate, becoming the second data center to obtain TSI certification in China. This has also become another model for Xinhua 3 to take technological innovation as the core engine and fully support industry customers to achieve extraordinary achievements. The completion of the data center will help Anhui Mobile better meet the development requirements of its own development and service users

not all certifications are called TSI certification

in surgery, PMMA is widely used as the transplantation material of intraocular lens, but its contact with corneal epithelial cells will cause permanent damage to corneal epithelial cells. According to the actual needs, Anhui Mobile Data Center is divided into two parts: one part is for leasing to meet the needs of the lessee for the data center; The other part is Anhui Mobile's own computer room. With rich industry experience and successful cases, Xinhua 3, with its own technical strength and data center solutions designed based on an in-depth understanding of customer needs, has fully met the development needs of Anhui Mobile in the three business areas of content introduction, group trusteeship and self owned cooperation. It has passed the TSI certification, which proves that the environmental seating, building structure, power heating and ventilation, and operation and maintenance processes of Anhui Mobile Data Center have been evaluated to meet the L3 level defined by the German data center availability standard TSI and the European data center high availability standard. Before that, only one IDC center in China successfully passed TSI certification

tsi certification is a systematic audit and inspection system of TV Nord hande group, one of the world's largest technical service providers, which combines the key equipment infrastructure (i.e. physical security) of the data center with the organizational IT Security (IT systems and Applications) of the data center. The certification and evaluation system is widely used in the European Union, and nearly 75% of European data centers provide t? V Nord hande group applies for voluntary assessment certification. After certification, it will be widely accepted in Germany and Europe

Xinhua 3 data center pursues excellence and completes TSI certification

from 2013 to 2015, after more than two years of efforts, Xinhua 3 built Hefei data center phase I project for Anhui Mobile, and completed upgrading adjustments in accordance with the standards of TSI certification. In order to thoroughly understand the requirements of TSI certification, xinhuansan specially invited TSI certification experts from Germany to come to China for training. At the same time, through continuous communication with Anhui Mobile, xinhuansan constantly improved the solution, deeply understood the customer needs and usage habits, repeatedly checked the TSI certification standards one by one, screened out the items that were different from the customer's habits, and then communicated and coordinated with the customer to adjust the plan

after obtaining the TSI certification, it was quickly recognized by the market. Huishang bank, Anhui Provincial Public Security Department, and Internet enterprises Youku, Alibaba and other units have moved into the rental data center. In addition, the new technology used in this project is also expected to be widely promoted in Huainan data center of Anhui Mobile Company and some local mobile companies

adhering to the concept of being proud of achieving the cause of customers, Xinhua San insisted on pushing itself and others in the construction of Anhui Mobile Data Center, and helped Anhui Mobile achieve the rational allocation of data center resources with advanced IT technology and solutions to automobile lightening at the same time. For example, in terms of space, Xinhua 3 deeply understands that in the data center for leasing, one cabinet is equivalent to one income. Xinhua 3 puts forward the solution of placing the most cabinets according to the needs of Anhui Mobile, ensuring the profit-making space of Anhui Mobile. With the continuous help of xinhuansan, Anhui Mobile Data Center has proved to users with its own strength and determination that the traditional machine room rental service can be upgraded from all stages of the life cycle of the data center, so as to provide a machine room rental business with higher availability, more security and more efficient management

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