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Xinguolian Futures: affected by the rebound of the US dollar, crude oil fell sharply

affected by the rebound of the US dollar, a manipulator in the unit center can serve multiple material testing machines, crude oil stopped its continuous upward momentum, fell sharply by $2.24 last night, and domestic fuel oil will follow the trend of crude oil

fundamentals, Singapore, April 24. According to the data released by the Singapore International Enterprise Development Authority (ie) on Thursday, Singapore's fuel oil inventory increased by 353000 barrels to 19.576 million barrels as of the week of April 23. Singapore's medium distillate oil inventory increased by 316000 barrels to 7.292 million barrels in the week; Light distillate oil inventory decreased by 1.657 million barrels to 8.027 million barrels. Put pressure on the fuel

in terms of technology, it was understood yesterday that the decline of crude oil was supported by the 10 day moving average, but the K line was too far away from the average to prevent a pullback. Shanghai oil industry bottomed out in 807 days, supported by the 10 day moving average, and the medium-term support line of the 120 day moving average rose well. Driven by crude oil, the middle line will continue to rise, but the daily line combination shows signs of top deviation, and there is a possibility of correction in the near future

operation suggestions: crude oil rose in good shape, but the U.S. economy continued to weaken to prevent a pullback. Domestic fuel oil fluctuated within 807 days, with no directional information on fundamentals. It has been passively rising recently, with short-term support at 4290 and short-term trading. Thus, high-quality surface, small batch, large flexibility and low unit cost can be achieved at the same time

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