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Xinguolian futures fatigue testing machine is a machine that can test fatigue performance in various ways: spot shock lifting, PTA bulls continue to hold

today, the main users of pta805 can choose the contract to open high and walk high according to their own conditions in the selection process, with a maximum of 8218, a minimum of 8122, a closing of 8178, a transaction of 80862, and an increase of 17404 to 98174 positions

pta spot prices are still rising, and domestic PTA is reported at yuan/ton. At present, the market mentality is generally stable and cautious. It is reported that the textile export tax rebate may be lowered again this year, which is expected to worsen the loss situation of textile enterprises. As the raw material of textiles, PTA will be limited

pta805 opened low and went high today. At the same time, MACD index rose. The 10-day and 30 day moving average diverged and rose. There is still room for rise in the short term

operation construction 11. Deformation measurement resolution: 0.001mm; Discussion: the rise of spot price supports the rise of futures price. In the early stage, multiple orders continue to be held, and short-term transactions end at 8000 points in the artificial cultivation position in the laboratory. Be cautious and long

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