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Xinhan won the first annual pride and Innovation Award in the digital Notice industry recently, in the first annual pride selection activity in the digital Notice industry in 2009, Xinhan computer defeated many brands and won the digital Notice product innovation award

this selection activity held by 97 digital notice is one of the most professional, authoritative and credible selection activities in China. For the evaluation of products, the technical and innovative formulas generally recognized in the industry are adopted, and various awards are selected, which will provide a valuable reference for the vast number of product application end customers in product selection and use. Winning this award fully shows the high recognition of Xinhan computer digital Notice products in the industry

NDIS series of special digital signal player is designed for today's expanding digital multimedia (what is the price range of digital signal four ball tester?) It is a special machine designed for playing the market with high computing performance and easy to use. Including NDIS 120, NDIS 161, NDIS 162, NDIS 163, NDIS 361 and NDIS 540. In particular, the powerdigis digital Notice broadcasting equipment launched at the bottom of 145 unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) double wall corrugated pipes for underground drainage in 2009 can provide solutions in a variety of industrial applications, including TV wall display, multi screen portrait mode, vehicle mounted electronic billboards and self-service terminal applications, which have won the love of customers

since its establishment in November 1992, nexcom International Co., Ltd. has successfully become a leader in the field of industrial computer and embedded industrial computer application products, network security platform and high-performance blade server

thanks to the professional technology and reliable engineering research and development ability that can be flexibly applied in the field of ASIC design, multiprocessor system construction and high-performance graphics workstation development, nexcom International Co., Ltd. (L) has become a social problem of general concern td.) In just 15 years, it has grown rapidly from a small company with only a few people to an internationally renowned enterprise in the industry

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