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Vegetable farmers in the suburbs of Beijing strive for perfection, and delicately package special vegetables

radish, potatoes, and Chinese cabbage, which were the "old three" in the basket of Peking people in those days, are no longer "home cooking", and colorful and even unknown boutique dishes gradually enrich the table. "Nutrition", "green" and "pollution-free" have become the pursuit of people's healthy consumption, and the vegetable production in the suburbs of Beijing is deducting the change from "what to eat" to "what to eat"

"use a knife to make a cross cut at the bottom of the washed spore cabbage, with a depth of about 1/3, and then boil it in boiling water for 5 to 7 minutes. After taking it out, water it with juice, put your favorite seasoning, or boil it in high soup or meatball soup..." on the eve of new year's day, wangbaosheng, a vegetable grower in Beihe village, Liqiao Town, Shunyi District, packed his own specialty vegetables overnight, and put the instructions with eating methods, Carefully stick it on the packing box, and then send it to the supermarket in the city

"at present, citizens can be 'picky' when eating vegetables. They not only require fresh quality and good taste, but also pay attention to characteristics and safety." Wang Baosheng, who has grown vegetables for 10 years, is quite impressed. "In the past, what farmers planted and what citizens ate, now what citizens eat and what we have to grow, we have to grow vegetables around market demand." Previously, Wang Baosheng mainly planted Chinese cabbage. With the change of market demand, he changed to a special dish. Spore cabbage is a variety introduced from Europe and North America. Bulbous fennel originated in Italy, and heading chicory originated in the Mediterranean coast... These vegetables are hardly known, let alone how to eat them. Therefore, he carefully packed more than ten kinds of special vegetables. The name, origin, eating method, nutritional value and shelf life of the special vegetables are clear in the instructions

there are more than 1200 farmers in Liqiao town who have become rich by "pondering" growing vegetables like Wang Baosheng, and they continue to introduce new varieties of vegetables. At present, there are more than 60 special dishes in the town, covering an area of more than 3700 mu, and the annual per capita income of vegetable farmers is 12000 yuan

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the adjustment of planting structure in the suburbs of Beijing continued to deepen, and the planting, production and sales of vegetables gradually developed towards technicalization, marketization and standardization. However, districts and counties with higher profits have developed 17000 hectares of greenhouse and greenhouse vegetable planting in protected areas, and more than 300 characteristic vegetable varieties have been added; "Xiaotangshan" and other agricultural science and Technology Parks integrating scale, standardization and scientization have emerged. Xiaotangshan special dish base was originally established to meet the needs of foreign friends to visit. Later, it gradually supplied vegetables to high-end hotels and restaurants. With the continuous expansion of production scale, the base has introduced more than 400 excellent varieties. Now more than 160 kinds of vegetables are planted all year round, and has entered more than 10 supermarkets in the city

walk into the vegetable base of changlixin, a large grower in Beiwu Town, Shunyi District, and you can find it everywhere. 6. Impact head size: ф 12.7mm ф 25.4mm see red and green, the total capacity utilization rate is about 73%; Chlor alkali has been losing money in the whole industry for three consecutive years. Cherry Radish, purple leaf lettuce shaped like autumn fire, and bulb fennel shaped like palm. Chang Lixin said that there are more than ten kinds of special dishes in his 20 solar greenhouses, including chrysanthemums, cherry radishes, seven colored peppers, spore cabbage and so on. Beiwu town has 12000 mu of protected vegetable land, more than 50 special dishes, an annual supply of 100million kg to the capital market, and an average annual net income of more than 2400 vegetable farmers of more than 15000 yuan

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, in order to optimize the vegetable planting structure and promote farmers' income increase, the Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences, in conjunction with the vegetables of 11 districts and counties in the suburbs of Beijing, will also have a positive significance for increasing the operating life of products. The vegetable planting management department has launched the implementation of the 100 village vegetable variety renewal demonstration project, and established 108 demonstration villages, including Qiuxian village in Daxing District, Xiaozhu village in Shunyi District, Dongbao village in Tongzhou District, Taoli village in Miyun County, Nearly 1500 science and technology demonstration households were selected to demonstrate the planting of more than 100 new varieties of vegetables. Among them, the "giant pumpkin" and "tomato tree" in the Beiwu economic man Association Park in Shunyi district are unique. The "mini No. 2" Cucumber Planted in the agricultural scientific and technological achievements exhibition base in Tongzhou District is more than 900 kg higher than that of "Diana", and the efficiency increase per Mu is nearly 3000 yuan

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