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With the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance, VCC obtained the annual contract extension from FS1

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on May 11 (compiler/Lao Qin): VCC (the video call center) announced that it has received a one-year extension contract from FS1, which is a national 24-hour sports cable TV channel. FS1 daily studio program the herd with Colin cowherd relies on VCC's caller C to exceed the upper limit of measurement by 2% ⑴ 0% cloud solution, the combination of patented technology and production services. Caller cloud is a white glove service, which allows the program to bring top athletes, coaches, executives and others from all over the world to live broadcast. It usually takes only a few minutes' notice to talk about the day's top sports with hosts Colin cowerd and joy Taylor

when something happens suddenly, the producer of the herd usually has only a few minutes to contact and pass on a famous sports figure under the camera. Mike Wilken, senior vice president of systems and technology of Fox Sports, said: the quality and reliability provided by VCC meet the standards of our program. VCC is frictionless for our manufacturers and, more importantly, for our customers. The interpersonal relationship is rock solid and looks great. Colin and joy have a fast pace, face-to-face ridicule, and there is no embarrassing gap. The experience of the guests is great, which is the key, because it means that they are happy to come back. As a partner, VCC gives us great peace of mind

vcc's caller cloud solution enables the presenter and remote guests to talk about the subtle deformation of the measured samples for a long time, naturally, so as to provide a convincing face-to-face dialogue for live television. Guest has nothing to download. Guests only need their mobile or other devices and Internet connections to join. By clicking on text or email links, they can contact experienced VCC producers. Their expertise can ensure that guests look great, and their connection with the program is also strong, which can provide the best audio and video. VCC's patented technology provides ultra-low latency video return and easy interaction between IFB hybrid negative hosts and customers

larry Thaler, CEO of VCC, said: at VCC, we provide high-energy TV programs such as the herd with the tentacles they need to keep in touch with the best guests, no matter where they are. It is also important to ensure that their guests and remote production look great even in the most challenging scenes, whether the coach is still on the training ground or the players are in the limousine. Many TV producers, including our friends in FS1, have experienced the disadvantage of trying to use video conferencing applications alone to contact guests. When you see what VCC customers send over the air day after day like theherd, there is no comparability at all

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