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Taiwan's vegetable and fruit cartons are in short supply, and the suspected joint price rise of packaging paper and cartons has been put on file for investigation

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core tip: Recently, farmers in Taiwan continued to ferment because of the shortage of cartons, which led to the problem that agricultural products could not be transported abroad. On April 14, Li Mei, chairman of the Taiwan fair Association, pointed out that in view of the shortage of industrial paper and cartons, Li Mei, chairman of the Taiwan fair Association, especially in the field of dry products, pointed out that the fair association has paid close attention to the shortage and rise of industrial paper and cartons, and has filed a case to investigate whether there is a joint rise

the Economic Committee of the Legislative Yuan deliberated on the "draft amendment to some provisions of the multi-level marketing management law". In response to the questions of the Legislative Yuan, Li magnesium pointed out that the recent rise in pulp has led to the rise in the prices of industrial paper and cartons. At present, although there is no joint behavior, it has been filed for investigation

due to the large shortage of cartons, not only businesses and industries, but also farmers complain because of the lack of cartons, which leads to the situation of "empty orders and unable to ship". The fair society said that industrial paper and cartons have been listed as key projects for continuous attention and investigation

on April 15, the Taiwan Agricultural Commission held a meeting on the priority supply of agricultural fruit and vegetable cartons. Chen Junji pointed out that cartons are short and do not complement with TORLON polyamide imide (PAI) in the power system components. Cartons exported to the mainland can be used, which will further affect the adoption of fruits and vegetables. If the fruits and vegetables are not transported to the place of production in time after harvest, the quality of fruits and vegetables will be affected by one more day if they are delayed for another day

Chen Junji pointed out that Taiwan's annual demand for agricultural vegetable and fruit cartons is 180million cartons, and currently 670000 cartons need urgent treatment, mainly leafy vegetables, pineapples and mangoes

under the rare shortage of cartons, Chen Junji pointed out that in order to enable farmers to harvest at ease, the Executive Yuan specially invited yongfengyu, Zhenglong and Rongcheng paper mills to participate in the inter ministerial meeting on the 13th, at which three consensuses were reached. First of all, the three major paper mills agreed to cooperate fully, give priority to the production of agricultural cartons at reasonable prices, and solve the problem of shortage of agricultural cartons

second, Chen Junji pointed out that the Agricultural Commission served as a platform to coordinate the supply of cartons. The Agriculture Commission will conduct a weekly survey on the consumption of cartons and give priority to the production of the three cartons every Friday. At the same time, the agricultural and food administration is responsible for coordinating and investigating the cartons of refined agricultural products with small volume and diversified customization, and Rongcheng paper industry assists in the production

third, Chen Junji pointed out that in order to improve the production efficiency of the three major paper mills, the number of Public Edition cartons will be proposed according to the types of fruits and vegetables, and then completed successively according to the urgency of carton demand

Chen Junji pointed out that on the 16th, the agricultural committee will inform the three major paper mills of the demand for cartons in the coming week. Farmers in urgent need of cartons can receive cartons and harvest them with confidence in a week

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