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Central China vegetable wholesale market uncovered a large number of ultra-thin plastic bags

Peninsula Metropolis Daily, August 27 (Zhang Wei and Zhou Peng) today, the Zhenhua Road Industrial and Commercial Office of Licang industrial and commercial branch received a report from central China vegetable wholesale market, and more than 200000 unqualified ultra-thin plastic bags were seized at one stroke. It is reported that this is not only the first case of ultra-thin plastic bags reported and investigated by stall owners in the city, but also the largest case investigated and dealt with in the city since the implementation of the plastic restriction order

this morning, I arrived at Zhenhua Road Industrial and commercial office, and the law enforcement personnel are moving. 2. Pay attention to the software installation environment; When transporting woven bags full of unqualified ultra-thin plastic bags, it was found that there were 36 woven bags on site. After calculation, more than 200000 unqualified ultra-thin plastic bags were seized this time. There is a pungent smell left on the plastic bag and it should be able to apply the maximum force of the testing machine to the sample. Measure it with a testing instrument, and its thickness is less than 0.02mm. According to the business owner who stores and sells ultra-thin plastic bags, he has been engaged in non-staple food in the vegetable wholesale market in Central China. On June 1 this year, after the nationwide plastic restriction order was implemented, he found that the plastic bags in the whole market had been ordered uniformly by the market management center, and each plastic bag needed to pay a cost of 0.2 yuan. Therefore, he thought of using his friends who used to know and sell plastic bags to buy a batch of ultra-thin plastic bags, It was sold at the price of two yuan per bundle (50 pieces), but I never expected that when I purchased goods today, I was reported by the business owners in the market

according to law enforcement officials, the ultra-thin plastic bags investigated and dealt with today were voluntarily reported by the stall owners, which is the first time in this city. At the same time, this is also the largest case of storing and selling ultra-thin plastic bags investigated and dealt with by Qingdao since the implementation of the plastic restriction order. At present, the business license of the business households selling ultra-thin plastic bags has been revoked, and the ultra-thin plastic bags have been confiscated and sealed up, Businesses will also be severely punished. "We aim at the different consumption habits of Asian consumers.

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