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Vatti wall breaking machine cooking and stewing filter free cooking machine Pb

this vatti wall breaking machine cooking and stewing filter free cooking machine pb-04gs08 started new soon. It was used by a friend's home. I recommended it. It has been used for a period of time. I feel that this wall breaking machine is very satisfied as a whole. Its workmanship is fine, the hot cup glass is very thick, and I have tried it for a while. I don't need to soak it in advance. It is very fine, tastes good, and the sound is not very loud when I use it, I think it's very good. I'll unlock other functions slowly. I'm very satisfied overall Turn to more users to evaluate the details of advantages and disadvantages, hoping to help later friends extend their life; The machine should be well grounded


this vatti wall breaking machine cooking and stewing filter free cooking machine pb-04gs08 wall breaking machine currently has promotional activities and coupons on tmall. Friends in need might as well pay attention to it. It is more valuable to get coupons, Please refer to the following introduction of qp1 liquid silica gel (LSR) of Dow Corning:

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[at the selling price] 569.00 yuan

[post coupon price] 369.00 yuan


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brand: vatti/vatti

other users' comments on advantages and disadvantages:

1. To be honest, I'm not satisfied. The first time I hit a few pieces of duck liver, it got stuck (even a few pieces of duck liver can't be hit), and then the customer service called me to put it less, and finally put it a little bit, and I hit those pieces of duck liver three times! The second is that it's difficult to clean. The blade below is too small. Liu 10's repeated "stone, scissors, cloth" actions can't be taken and it's difficult to wash. The third cover looks inferior. It's a very thin plastic cover, very thin! I bought it because it is cheap and brand. The following is a video of several pieces of duck liver that can't move. Let's have a look

2. One machine with multiple functions is powerful, the price is beautiful, and the only cover is a little tight. I hope it will loosen when I use it. I boiled water and tried it. It was hot soon. Other functions need to be experienced. I look forward to it.

3. The wall breaking machine that just arrived today, I bought a watermelon and tried it. The effect is good, and the sound is acceptable. If the machine is picked up, it is still very weighty Tmall more popular wall breaking machine model recommendations and comments "

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