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Vida paper was awarded the plaque of "Jiangmen charity donation Memorial"

on February 18, Jiangmen charity headquarters issued an announcement. The announcement pointed out that since the launch of the charity 10000 people's walk, all walks of life at home and abroad have adhered to the concept of helping others and pleasing themselves, widely carried out charity donation activities, and made positive contributions to the promotion of charity and public welfare undertakings in Jiangmen City. In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of poverty alleviation and charity, and set up a charity model, according to the relevant provisions of the Jiangmen City charity donation reward and recognition measures, with the consent of the Jiangmen municipal Party committee and the Jiangmen municipal government, it is decided to award 29 units and individuals such as Weida paper (deformation indication accuracy: within 1 indication of Guangdong) Co., Ltd. and Jiangmen charity donation memorial plaque, The charity donation certificate was issued to 86 units and individuals including Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd. The announcement also pointed out that it is hoped that the units and individuals commended will continue to care about and support the charity undertakings in Jiangmen City, and devote more care to the needy people who need oxfab's strength to weight ratio better than cast aluminum, magnesium and nylon; It is hoped that all sectors of society will take the charity model as an example, actively perform virtue and do good deeds, and make new contributions to the development of charity in Jiangmen City and the construction of a prosperous and harmonious Jiangmen

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