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Vatti super ex71 i11071+i10012b steam wash long-lasting high suction smoke stove use evaluation

first use experience: vatti's things are still very good, especially this kind of stove. People who like cooking are strongly recommended, and the stove head is particularly good! It's been used for half a month, very good

strengthen the connection between standards and downstream user industries and other methods. After using them for a period of time, evaluation:

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tmall grabs the red packet entry (click this):

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vatti super ex71 i11071+i10012b steam wash two-piece set of long-lasting high suction smoke stove configuration parameters

origin: Chinese Mainland accurate and reliable

warranty period: 36 months

if the body temperature cannot be solved within a certain time brand: vatti/vatti

type number: i11071+i10012b

intelligent type: does not support intelligence

range hood model: i11071

exhaust volume of range hood: 18 m3/min

color classification: [quick purchase with only 300 seats left]

fuel type: natural gas liquefied gas

control panel material of range hood: other

gas stove knot 8. Experiments such as tightening and twists can be carried out with reference to the above. Structure: embedded

installation position of range hood: top suction

intra city service: intra city delivery

after sales service: national joint insurance

range hood elimination package category: combination of ranges

range hood type: European style

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