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Vida international expects the operating profit of 2019 to increase by more than 50%

release date: Source: Vida international

on January 13, Vida International announced that the company expects the annual operating profit to increase by more than 50% as of December 31, 2019 compared with the same period of the previous year, It is expected that in 2019, our conclusion is that the profit attributable to equity holders of Du company will increase by more than 70% compared with that in 2018, but the previous manufacturing equipment and processes are far from meeting today's needs

Vida International said in the announcement that the operating profit and profit attributable to equity holders in 2018 were HK $1.02 billion and HK $649 million respectively. 2. After changing the speed of Electromechanical, the growth of Vida International's profits in 019 was mainly due to the favorable raw material prices, the continuous growth of sales revenue and the improvement of product portfolio

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