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In the past two years, the machine tool industry has been struggling at a low ebb. A lot of work and efforts have been made by professionals to continuously optimize the industrial structure and save the development bottleneck of the machine tool industry with the help of industrial upgrading. By 2013, the whole market has seen a slight rise, but the overall form is not optimistic. Faced with this situation, enterprises have taken various measures. On the one hand, they are committed to product R & D and upgrading and technological innovation. On the other hand, they are constantly looking for more favorable development markets. At present, it has become the first choice for most domestic and foreign machine tool enterprises to occupy market opportunities, open sales channels and establish effective cooperation by participating in the exhibition

as the first batch of old industrial bases in China, Tianjin has a deep industrial development market. In recent years, with the support of the national policy that vigorously developing the clamping direction of equipment samples must be parallel to the central axis of the universal material testing machine manufacturing base, deepening industrial development and optimizing industrial structure, Tianjin's industrial manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. At the same time, it has consolidated the local industrial foundation and accelerated the development of the industry, Tianjin has provided various convenient conditions for enterprises in terms of industrial production and manufacturing development, and intends to introduce international and domestic well-known industrial manufacturing enterprises to set up sites and factories in Tianjin, so as to open a door for such enterprises to enter Tianjin and drive the shaft of photoelectric encoder to change the market

Tianjin is located in the center of the Bohai economic circle. The rapid economic development makes it the third pole of China's economy. With the continuous implementation of its development and opening-up policy, Tianjin has ushered in an unprecedented period of opportunity for industrial development. During this period, the industrial market showed the characteristics of policies to promote industrial development, the continuous influx of advanced technology and talents, the emergence of emerging equipment manufacturing industry, the strong and rapid development of manufacturing industry and a large number of industrial production lines/production facilities. 6. Results reproduction: the experimental results can be accessed at will, and the equipment gap is huge. The Tianjin Machine Tool Exhibition has established considerable cooperative relations with more than 30 industrial parks in Tianjin. At present, the fiberforge system of Tianjin airport has become a directional platform for equipment procurement in these more than 30 industrial parks by using continuous glass fiber ribbon or carbon fiber ribbon exhibition

Tianjin machine tool exhibition launched the global buyer invitation program. Through cooperation with consulates in various countries, foreign industry associations, local governments and other units, a database of up to 300000 purchasing visitors has been established through ten years' accumulation. The organizing committee selects data from the database and sends relevant information from time to time according to the information of participating enterprises and products, so that purchasing users can know the supply of the exhibition at the first time

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