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tracking report: "Nippon Paint" declares to be cautious about buying "near brand" products

tracking report: "Nippon Paint" declares to be cautious about buying "near brand" products

April 26, 2007

"Nippon Paint is not sold from our exclusive stores. We cannot guarantee its authenticity, and will not provide pre-sales, sales and after-sales services." Yesterday, Nippon Paint set off a storm of intellectual property protection in Nanjing, which attracted attention. Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd. made a statement through the express and reminded consumers to choose regular purchase channels to enjoy more after-sales services

relevant: the paint deformation units mm, cm and inch exposed the price profiteering inside the Nippon Paint Store. It is understood that there are hundreds of paint brands in the Nanjing market at present, including more than ten well-known brands, such as nippon, Dulux, and Intertek. Nippon Paint has been "near" the most frequently because it occupies about 30% of the market. Chenfuren, the demand manager of the plastic film blowing machine manufacturing industry of Nippon company law, told us that there are no fewer than 78 kinds of products found at present, such as "Nippon", "Nippon Hong Kong", "Nippon Taiwan", and even "neutral state" -- "Nippon" is written very much, "China" and "country" are written very small, and consumers are easy to be "fooled". Chenfuren said that ordinary consumers simply can't identify the authenticity with the naked eye. They can only see it after use. At present, Nippon company can only guarantee that the Nippon Paint in the exclusive store is real, and help consumers to measure the area to determine the purchase amount, color matching according to the color of room furniture, curtains and other colors, and provide free spraying, etc. if the paint cracks or peels off, it will also provide free door maintenance

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