The hottest food also has its own ID card

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Food also has its own ID card

although these vegetables are more expensive than ordinary vegetables, these vegetables have product quality and safety traceability labels, which can guarantee quality. We can eat safely and rest assured, and higher prices are worth the money. Ms. Zhang, who is shopping at Carrefour supermarket, said to me

from the goods provided by Beijing Ping An Fangyuan Food Development Co., Ltd. for Carrefour and other supermarkets, it can be seen that there is a product quality and safety traceability label on the outer packaging of vegetables in addition to the labels affixed by daily supermarkets for weighing and pricing. On this label, in addition to the address of the vegetable production company, product name, packaging date and other common information, there is also a special place, that is, the bar code and product traceability code appear. It is through these two codes that each link of the production, processing and transportation of this vegetable can be queried through the query party provided on the label and has a good circularity. This has become the only valid document to indicate the identity of this commodity

China's first electronic product quality supervision code automatic identification cashier system was launched in supermarkets in Beijing at the beginning of the year. Electronic supervision has become an important means for the Chinese government to ensure the Olympic food safety. The relevant structure of the Beijing food office requires that all prepackaged food supplied for the Beijing Olympic Games must be attached with an electronic supervision code and monitored by the city to ensure the food safety of the Olympic Games. As of today, China has not found any food safety problems during the Olympic Games, which is closely related to the use of food electronic identity cards

China's Olympic food security can now be traced back to the source of food, forming a whole process monitoring system for food safety from farmland to dining table. Once a problem is found, it will only take about 10 minutes from the detection and determination of the results to the removal of the food from the shelf. At present, the electronic supervision has invested more than 1billion yuan in environmental protection facilities, which can not realize the weight reduction of cars. It only appears on vegetables. There are also 100 designated Olympic food enterprises under electronic supervision, which not only ensure the food safety of athletes and coaches, but also bring the table of every ordinary people into the scope of supervision

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