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Focus on the hot spots of the two sessions: the sound of construction machinery deserves praise

focus on the hot spots of the two sessions: the sound of construction machinery deserves praise

China Construction Machinery Information

the two sessions, which attracted worldwide attention, ended at the sunset on March 15, but its influence in China and even the world has just begun. The idea of the state corresponds with the expectation of the people; Personal dream and national dream come down in one continuous line. With the efforts of all parties, Chinese construction machinery enterprises in transformation and development actively respond to the call and help the vigorous development of green construction machinery. It is not difficult to see from the proposals or speeches of several leaders of construction machinery enterprises participating in the two sessions that environmental protection is the mainstream, innovation is the theme, and transformation and development is the main task

construction machinery industry:

participants: zhanchunxin, zhangshiping, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Zoomlion, born in April 1955 in Hanshou County, Changde, Hunan Province, and founder of Zoomlion; Doctor, researcher, expert enjoying special government allowance of the State Council. Deputies to the 10th and 12th National People's congresses, the 16th, 17th and 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and the 10th Hunan provincial Party Congress of the Communist Party of China. At the beginning of my career, I often participated in the activities of Zoomlion. However, I am ashamed to say that I had only a few words of real dialogue with him. Calm and gentle are the most common impression of him. However, judging from the speeches of the two sessions in recent years, we can always get original and incisive comments and views from Zhan Chunxin. Whether it is the urbanization construction, the the Belt and Road or the "craftsman spirit" of this year's two sessions, he strives to make the "extreme" thinking and action take root in everyone's deep consciousness

at this year's two sessions, Zhan Chunxin said that with the gradual commencement of some major national projects, China's construction machinery industry will pick up slightly this year. In addition, Zoomlion has passed the "most difficult period" by transforming to the fields of environment and agricultural machinery. For Zoomlion, has the "most difficult period" passed? How did it go? Can we get through the "most difficult period" by acquiring a Chery heavy industry and crossing a field of agricultural machinery? Of course not. On the one hand, we will streamline personnel, streamline processes, reduce costs and improve efficiency. On the other hand, we will adjust the business structure by means of mergers and acquisitions, transform from a large engineering machinery enterprise to a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating engineering machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery and other sectors, fine tune the enterprise development strategy, and resolutely cut down the product sectors that have no advantages and do not conform to the future direction. Zoomlion aims to be a world-class equipment manufacturing enterprise while integrating resources

"calling for the return of craftsman spirit" is another viewpoint of Zhan Chunxin at the two sessions this year. According to Zhan Chunxin, a good craftsman needs to keep improving every product and pursue perfection and perfection. Regard technology as art, respect objective laws and dare to innovate, embrace change, and become the representative of professionalism in the field they are good at. Zhan Chunxin introduced that at present, the "industrial 4.0 revolution" launched by old industrial powers such as Germany has swept the world. If China's manufacturing industry fails to keep its existing advantages and make newer and stronger achievements in this industrial revolution, it is likely to lose its market position and technical advantages, which will have a serious impact on China's modernization process. Only with excellent manufacturing capacity can we have basic competitiveness. China must train as many skilled and high-quality industrial workers as possible as soon as possible in order to maintain its core competitiveness in the adverse environment of the reduction of the industrial population base. "The spirit of craftsman should penetrate into the hearts of every manufacturing worker and manager." Zhan Chunxin believes that in order to promote the return of craftsman spirit, it is necessary to strengthen training and reduce the management, incentive and job mobility mechanisms of about 216000 plastic bottles for this marathon. We should interact with all walks of life to promote the spread and exchange of craftsman spirit. We should pay more attention to vocational and skill education and make the whole society aware of the value of craftsmanship. In Zhan Chunxin's opinion, Zoomlion is still relatively young compared with foreign century old brand enterprises, and the number of elite technical veterans in the enterprise is also relatively insufficient. In particular, a large number of post-80s and post-90s skilled workers need to increase their technical research. Therefore, Zoomlion will vigorously advocate and cultivate "craftsman spirit" in the future

zhangshiping, member of the CPPCC National Committee and former vice chairman of the all China Federation of trade unions

compared with Zhan Chunxin, zhangshiping, member of the CPPCC National Committee and former vice chairman of the all China Federation of trade unions, has made a lot of macro views on the development of green construction machinery. Zhangshiping believed that in view of the current difficulties of the construction machinery industry, the relevant national departments urgently need to issue relevant policies to support it. She suggested that, first, we should increase efforts to support the healthy development of the real economy. At present, the problems encountered in the development of the construction machinery industry cannot be changed only by the transformation and upgrading of the enterprises themselves. It is hoped that the relevant national departments will further supervise and urge the measures in the financial field to support the development of the real economy, and strengthen supervision and assessment

second, strengthen the management of construction machinery in use. The construction machinery in use in the domestic market has low energy conservation and emission reduction level, high energy consumption and poor safety. Most of the conventional construction machinery products belong to personal property, making management more difficult; It is suggested to carry out the filing system for construction machinery in use and establish a mandatory elimination mechanism for old construction machinery

third, we should adopt a policy subsidy system to support the development of green construction machinery. China's construction machinery products are developing towards green manufacturing, energy conservation and emission reduction, and the R & D investment is gradually increasing. However, new energy conservation and emission reduction products increase the manufacturing cost, which is difficult for users to accept, resulting in serious obstacles to the R & D of high-end construction machinery products. The government departments should provide relevant policy support

fourth, we should accelerate the reform of the national standard system and vigorously support the development of industrial standards. The technical indicators of some product standards are low, and there are problems such as lack of standards, aging and repeated and cross contradictions. We should speed up the reform of the national standard system, actively promote and support the establishment of a new system of technical standards, and vigorously support, including the formulation and revision of community organization standards

fifth, we should increase support for enterprise internationalization. In view of the current bottlenecks encountered by enterprises in the development of international business, strengthen the legal assistance and guidance of government departments for overseas investment, implement the "going global" project loan discount subsidy, appropriately extend the deadline for project application, and simplify and accelerate the approval process of project application

agricultural machinery industry

participants: zhaoshanshui, Wang Jinfu, chairman of China YITUO Group Co., Ltd. zhaoshanshui, born in Shanxi in April, 1963, is currently the chairman of China YITUO Group Co., Ltd. After graduating from Jiangsu Institute of technology in 1983, he entered the first tractor factory and obtained a master's degree in engineering in 1990. In 1994 and 2001, he entered Hokkaido University and Kyoto University as a visiting scholar for further study. He has successively served as a technician, engineer, deputy chief engineer, deputy general manager, general manager, etc. of the first tractor of China

China Yituo company is the factory site determined by Chairman Mao Zedong and the factory director appointed by Premier Zhou Enlai. It is also the birthplace of China's first tractor, first road roller and first military off-road vehicle. The resounding name "Dongfanghong" still pleases the farmers today

as one of the four deputies to the National People's Congress from the agricultural equipment industry and the chairman of the "red factory" China Yituo, zhaoshanshui has put forward more than two proposals on promoting the healthy development of the agricultural machinery industry every year since he was elected as a delegate to the 12th National People's Congress in february2013. The proposals cover many aspects of industrial development, such as independent innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and national policies, The proposals on some key issues can be called "unremitting". During the national two sessions this year, zhaoshanshui once again put forward suggestions on promoting the healthy development of agricultural machinery industry. He believed that China should speed up the improvement of the independent innovation ability of the agricultural machinery industry, further adjust and improve the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, and further support the "going out" of China's agricultural machinery enterprises

zhaoshanshui believes that the overall development level of China's agricultural machinery industry is still relatively backward, and there is still a big gap in R & D capacity, manufacturing level, product quality, production efficiency, etc., especially high-power, complex and refined high-end agricultural machinery products. Whether it is the "three modernizations" with Chinese characteristics or the 2015 No. 1 central document, the agricultural machinery industry bears the historical responsibility of ensuring the development of modern agriculture in the new era. Improve the structural adjustment planning of agricultural machinery industry; Increase support for agricultural machinery enterprises in technology and product innovation, encourage and guide enterprises to take the development path of innovation driven and quality growth; To promote the construction mode of agricultural integrated demonstration zone and boost the development of agricultural modernization, zhaoshanshui's proposal is clear and justified. As for the sensitive agricultural machinery subsidy policy, zhaoshanshui once again proposed that China should further adjust and improve the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy. He suggested that a certain proportion of the subsidy funds for the purchase of agricultural machinery should be used to support the development of domestic high-end equipment manufacturing, so as to promote China's agricultural machinery technology to the international advanced level and promote the development of China's agricultural mechanization. According to Zhao Shanshui, China's agricultural machinery purchase subsidies use national financial funds. The implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies should be regarded as government procurement, and certain access conditions should be established according to government procurement projects when formulating policies. At the same time, zhaoshanshui also suggested that China should further support agricultural machinery enterprises to expand the testing scope and "go out", speed up the internationalization of Chinese agricultural machinery enterprises, and continue to improve the comprehensive strength of Chinese agricultural machinery industry in the world

take the initiative. Zhaoshanshui said that in 2015, China Yituo must deeply understand the logic of macroeconomic adjustment, comprehensively grasp the general trend of the development of the agricultural machinery industry, strengthen confidence, take the initiative, and strive to seize the strategic commanding height of enterprise development. We should be more specific in objectives, more comprehensive in understanding, more persistent in strategy, more innovative in methods, and have the courage to solve development problems, so as to achieve quality, effective and sustainable development and smoothly cross the climbing stage

wangjinfu, general manager of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

wangjinfu, born in september1956 in Weifang, Shandong Province, holds a master's degree in enterprise management and senior economist from Capital University of economics and trade. Currently, he is the general manager of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. People in the agricultural machinery industry are no strangers to Wang Jinfu, because he is a legend in the agricultural machinery industry. "The agricultural machinery industry should be based on China and seek the world" was what wangjinfu said this year, which expressed the aspirations of many people. On March 9, wangjinfu, deputy to the National People's Congress and general manager of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., said that agricultural machinery is a key element in the process of promoting agricultural modernization. China's agricultural machinery industry must be based at home, face the world and layout the world, so as to provide strong support for the sustainable development of China's agriculture

2014, the comprehensive mechanization level of crop cultivation and harvest in China has reached 61%. Accordingly, China has also become the country with the largest number of agricultural machinery production enterprises in the world. "But at present, there are still some problems and shortcomings in the development of agricultural machinery industry in our country, such as unreasonable structure and the overall level to be improved." Wangjinfu has a clear understanding of this.

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