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Focusing on "lighting industry + interconnection", a new round of financing new direction

talking about the lighting industry, most people's cognition is mainly based on a single lamp, perhaps a desk lamp or a light bulb. However, with people's pursuit of a better life, they have higher and higher requirements for the quality of space

recently, I interviewed caochuanshuang, the founder and CEO of Yun Zhiguang, He said: "Space is born of light, atmosphere is formed by light, and architecture is described by light". Light, like air and water, is indispensable to human life and affects people's health and quality of life. The importance of light to space and people's life is extremely disproportionate to its current position in space and people's life, which has led to the low value return of the entire lighting industry chain, and also made the development of the entire industry face the challenge of finding some samples There are bottlenecks and difficulties in the migration (decolorization) of colorants. "

caochuanshuang believes that the lighting industry should play an important role in the context of people's pursuit of a better life. Caochuanshuang hopes that yunzhiguang can enable the upgrading of the lighting industry and the improvement of the residential light environment

focus on "lighting industry + interconnection"

yunzhiguang was founded in 2014, and is an innovative and entrepreneurial enterprise of "lighting + interconnection" industry interconnection. At present, yunzhiguang mainly focuses on industrial services, new retail and lighting design business

cloud Zhiguang industrial service consists of three major contents: education and training, marketing and digitalization. For the education and training business, such printers are suitable for automatic pressure testing machines. Yunzhiguang has established yunzhiguang lighting Institute to provide users with three major courses, including basic entry-level knowledge of lighting industry, lighting technology and lighting design, through online courses, offline open classes, in-house training of travel project enterprises and customized workshops

at present, the courses of yunzhiguang lighting college have covered 53 courses in 7 categories: R & D, design, software, intelligence, management, practice and general education. The main user groups are practitioners related to the lighting industry chain and non lighting industries, such as interior designers, software designers and other lighting related personnel

Cao Chuan introduced to me that the mentor team of Yun Zhiguang has nearly 200 people, including lighting designers, industry cutting-edge designers, and big coffee designers. Since its opening in 2015, yunzhiguang lighting college has held more than 90 classes, with 60000 registered students and 30000 paid students

in terms of new retail, yunzhiguang does not sell products that sell lamps and lanterns traditionally, but empowers lighting industry channel merchants with strong services when materials yield. At present, the vr/ar technology team of cloud Zhiguang can realize the presentation of lights in the form of VR in the space. "Unlike many so-called VR house viewing, their technology is 720 ° panorama, and we have a real sense of immersion. Users can feel the lighting effect, atmosphere and layout in the VR environment, and even place orders in the VR environment."

lighting industry: from selling lamps to selling out

Cao Chuanshuang frankly said that the public has a very shallow understanding of lighting, "most people think that lighting is lamps and lanterns, and even do not think that this is an industry, but our living space is inseparable from lighting, and the effect of lighting will largely affect human physiology, including myopia, fatigue and so on."

in order to popularize the importance of lighting, at the end of 2013, caochuanshuang began to spread lighting professional knowledge on new media. Taking this as the starting point, yunzhiguang gradually developed offline training business, vr/ar technology and other multi chain industrial services

the total output value of the lighting industry has maintained a double-digit development trend from 1998 to 2017. Especially after the establishment of the LED lighting trend, China's lighting industry has come from behind and entered a period of rapid development. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the revenue of Enterprises above Designated Size in the lighting industry in 2015 was about 411.961 billion yuan, an increase of about 6.81% over the 398.807 billion yuan in 2014

with the upgrading of consumption and the improvement of people's ability and willingness to pay, caochuanshuang believes that the lighting industry is facing a big opportunity for new industrial upgrading. Services based on application demand are upgraded from selling lights to selling out. As for the future development trend of the lighting industry, according to Cao Chuanshuang, on the one hand, the lighting industry will be combined with intelligence; on the other hand, the lighting industry will move towards "people-oriented lighting" and pay more attention to people's comfort. Lixiaolong, managing partner of Zhouming times bole, the investor of yunzhiguang, said that the investment in yunzhiguang is also because yunzhiguang is committed to improving people's quality of life with lighting, which is in line with the general trend of consumption upgrading

at present, the cloud Zhiguang team has a total of 120 people, including caochuanshuang, the founder, graduated from the Department of light source and lighting engineering of Fudan University, and MBA from the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University; Xuqinghui, co-founder and chief product officer, graduated from the Department of light source and lighting engineering of Fudan University, is a national senior lighting designer. He once served as the design director of Ge, Rex, OPP and other famous lighting enterprises, and later founded an independent lighting design company: Cooper Lighting Design. He has been engaged in lighting design for more than 20 years and has designed hundreds of large-scale projects such as Olympic venues, Guangzhou wanlinghui, Guangzhou Haiyin bridge, etc

speaking of the recent plan, Cao Chuan disclosed to me that in the near future, he would improve the curriculum system in the education and training business, lay new retail channels, and approach users through channel providers. In the future, Cao Chuanshuang hopes that yunzhiguang can promote the industrial upgrading of the lighting industry and become an influential and valuable enterprise to the public

as far as I know, yunzhiguang completed the 30million yuan pre-A round of financing led by time Bole fund in July this year. This round of financing funds is mainly used for vr/ar and other technology research and development and new lighting retail. Cao Chuan disclosed to me that it is expected that yunzhiguang will start the next round of financing at the beginning of next year. The main way of funding is to lay new retail channels for lighting. At the contact between the outer surface of the sample and the upper and lower indenters

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