The hottest folding screen is just the transition

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Folding screen is just a transition? LG's new patent shows the stretchable elastic screen

although Samsung, Huawei and other manufacturers have launched commercial folding screens, it is still unknown whether this form can finally be recognized by the market. In addition, while folding screen is developing, some manufacturers are also studying other new screen forms

recently, LG obtained the "mobile terminal" patent applied to the USPTO several years ago. It is mentioned in the original document submitted that the expandable and shrinkable display 3. The foam performance tester may be used in mobile devices. It is understood that users can adjust the size of the display according to their own convenience and view. By adjusting the display size, users can not only expand and shrink the mobile device horizontally, but also expand and shrink the mobile device diagonally

the patent indicates that the development of this kind of display is due to the increasing functions of electronic devices, which puts forward new requirements for the shape of electronic devices. LG said that the retractable screen technology will use the characteristics of the flexible screen to fold the excess part into the electronic device, so as to achieve the effect of screen retraction

similar to the popular folding screen recently, the retractable screen can also bring many benefits to users. Users can adjust any area of the display unit according to their own needs. In this respect, the retractable screen has more advantages than the foldable screen, because the retractable screen is not limited to two shapes and can provide users with more choices

lg also said that such a display unit is equipped with a touch sensor and a grip sensing unit, which will learn and expand the user's behavior, and does not require the user to explicitly input instructions. Therefore, if the user chooses to expand the screen when watching the video, the device will learn the user behavior, and then automatically stretch the screen when the user watches the video again

in addition, the diagonal and longitudinal expansion of the device design is more conducive to the enhanced grip, which allows users to independently adjust the electronic device to the size most suitable for their palm. This will be a very practical design, because most modern intelligence is large-scale display, which is not suitable for users with small palms. Compact intelligence is also being eliminated by the market, and devices with adjustable screens can meet the needs of various users, so they will be more competitive in the market

it is worth mentioning that BOS can be used for stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, shearing, 180 degree peeling and 90 degree peeling experiments tonscientific companies like LG apply for patents for many ideas every year, but not all of them are commercialized. If LG does plan to promote this idea, it is unlikely to make large-scale sales in the short term. At the same time, such a design will have its own limitations. LG must overcome any potential challenges it may face before it can continue this idea. In fact, as early as 2017, Samsung also developed a scalable prototype display, but it is more like a flexible display, and until now the company has not commercialized it. There is no doubt that this patent obtained by LG is an exciting moment for the display industry. This idea may change the interaction mode between users and industrial trial production and equipment in close cooperation with Southwest Aluminum Corporation and Beijing Institute of aeronautical materials, which are subordinate to Aluminum Corporation of China

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