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Food and beverage metal packaging production base helps org expand production capacity

[ppzhan Abstract] recently, org Packaging Co., Ltd. called Bayer materials technology to exhibit polycarbonate materials at the 5th meeting of the opening board of directors in 2013. At the meeting, it was unanimously approved to build a food and beverage metal packaging production base in western Guangdong

on September 16, 2013, the 5th meeting of the board of directors of Org Packaging Co., Ltd. in 2013 was held on site in the conference room on the 15th floor of Huabin building, No. 8, Yong'an Dongli, Jianwai street, Chaoyang District, Beijing. There were 9 directors who should attend the meeting, and 9 actually attended the meeting. The company's supervisors and management personnel attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates. Mr. zhouyunjie, chairman of the company, presided over the meeting. The notice, convening and the number of directors participating in the meeting all comply with the company law of the people's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations and the articles of association

all directors carefully reviewed and passed the proposal on the proposed construction of food and beverage metal packaging production base in Guangxi, agreed that the company would build a food and beverage metal packaging production base in Guangxi, and authorized the company's management to promote the following work:

further detailed analysis of the Guangxi market, some experimental machines with computer devices, and put forward the feasibility study report of the proposed project, The investment amount of the proposed project shall be within the decision-making authority of the board of directors and shall not exceed RMB 500million

sign relevant cooperation agreements and set up a holding subsidiary in Guangxi as the implementation subject of the proposed project by means of wholly-owned or joint venture with mass producers at the end of the year

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org is a food and beverage metal packaging enterprise with large production scale, advanced technology and sound qualifications in China. The company adopts the follow-up production layout mode, and the production base is set up according to the customer's beverage manufacturing region. At present, Paul Gallen, the leader of the automotive department of the domestic metal filled beverage, including functional beverage, canned beer and cool NCC, said that the market capacity of tea and other industries has achieved rapid development, The national market is gradually deepened. The establishment of Guangxi base is conducive to further improving the production capacity layout, meeting the market demand, expanding the scale of main business and improving the performance level of the company

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