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Focusing on "Internet +" makes the equipment manufacturing industry smile

focusing on "Internet +" makes the equipment manufacturing industry smile

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from selling products to providing overall solutions, from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing -

digitalization of R & D, intellectualization of products and informatization of management, The equipment industry is moving forward from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing Zhuchuntu, a worker in the excavator assembly workshop of Sinomach, said with a smile that the first thing he did at work every day was to scan his badge and check the work arrangement on the computer. "Our excavators have two-dimensional codes. Who did the process will know."

the change of Zhu chuntu's working procedure stems from the informatization and networking construction of the enterprise. Zhengshanglong, chief engineer of Sinomach, said: "what does' interconnection + equipment manufacturing 'mean? From our practice, it means digitalization of R & D, intellectualization of products and informatization of management."

"the most direct effect is that the product is more intelligent." Zhengshanglong said that in the past, there were 10 operating handles for a grader. It took workers at least several months to learn how to operate it. Moreover, it was very difficult to pull the handle, and people with little strength could not open it, "Now our grader has become intelligent. Most of the handles have been replaced by the material development buttons based on various physical and mechanical performance tests of plastic film, rubber, wires and cables and other materials. The remaining handles are also equipped with hydraulic and electronic control systems, which is much simpler and labor-saving."

the intellectualization of products has laid a foundation for the networking of services. In the past, when the user found that the machine was broken, he called the customer service for repair, and the enterprise sent maintenance personnel to the site for service. At present, most construction machinery products of Sinomach are equipped with sensors, and important data such as oil temperature and oil pressure can be displayed in real time. Once it exceeds the normal range, it will automatically alarm through the Internet, and the after-sales service personnel can remotely view the product performance. The real-time monitoring of equipment usage eliminates some hidden troubles in the bud, effectively improves product stability, and is very popular with users. "Maybe we won't need the customer service call center in the future. The engineers may detect the equipment failure earlier than the users. Before the users have time to report for repair, our after-sales service personnel have arrived." Said Xujie, Minister of science and technology of Sinomach

"interconnection has promoted the equipment manufacturing industry from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing." Zhu sendi, honorary director of the expert committee of China Machinery Industry Federation, said, "The profit margin of products is becoming smaller and smaller, while the proportion of services in the manufacturing process is becoming larger and larger, gradually forming a new industrial form integrating manufacturing and services - service-oriented manufacturing. Service-oriented manufacturing not only provides customers with products, but also provides products based services such as Sinomach, as well as overall solutions, and even various services around product production and use."

for example, in the past, Sinosteel Xingtai mechanical roll Co., Ltd. only produced and sold rolls. Now, it has signed agreements with more than a dozen iron and steel enterprises, such as Shandong Rizhao steel plant, to change from selling rolls to renting rolls. At the same time, it provides full service of roll selection, design, maintenance and replacement, and charges the steel plant according to the service function

"in the past, products were mass-produced, but now they tend to be personalized." Caoshumin, President of the China Institute of information and communications, said that another manifestation of the development of service-oriented manufacturing is that the industry has begun to provide personalized products

"private customization is our most popular service and a new profit growth point." Suyongqiang, chairman of Shenyang Blower Group, said that in the past, Shengu group sold products with the same specifications and functions, but now it is committed to providing a full set of personalized and customized services: what products users need, what value-added services they most like, and what data support they want to obtain, Shengu will provide

it is more competitive and more adaptable to market changes. The "Internet +" helps the equipment manufacturing industry move towards the two ends of the smile curve

from a production-oriented manufacturing industry to a service-oriented manufacturing industry, which is of great significance to China's equipment manufacturing industry

the strength of China's manufacturing industry lies in processing and assembly. With the large-scale mass production brought about by automation, the product price is getting lower and lower, and the resource constraints are strengthened. Since the last century, the profit space of processing and assembly has been more and more squeezed. Before 2008, with the rapid growth of China's economy, the strong market demand of the equipment manufacturing industry diluted the impact of the decline in profit margin. After 2008, the equipment manufacturing industry returned to medium and high-speed growth, and the profit margin and market demand declined at the same time, which made many enterprises feel pressure

"the traditional manufacturing industry makes a profit by producing a product. Now it makes less and less money. What should we do? The manufacturing industry can no longer only do the processing and manufacturing in the middle of the smile curve, but must extend to the front and back ends." Jusendi said that to a large extent, the development of service-oriented manufacturing based on Internet technology is the need for the equipment manufacturing industry to adapt to the new normal of economic development, "For example, if users have limited funds and simple products are difficult to sell, the equipment manufacturing enterprise will change from selling products to issuing an overall plan. Users do not have to buy the equipment at one time. They can also use our equipment and accept our operation advantage plan for the overall operation of the wood-based panel universal testing machine. After making money, they will pay the corresponding funds. 3. When carrying out the pressure test, the equipment manufacturer will also benefit."

the introduction of interconnection by equipment manufacturing enterprises is also the need to participate in international competition. "The transformation from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing is a major trend in the development of the global manufacturing industry. In the future, the equipment manufacturing industry will change from meeting the market development to guiding consumption. The market needs products and equipment, and enterprises need to provide a complete set of solutions, including selection, maintenance, recycling and remanufacturing. Without the development of service-oriented manufacturing, it is difficult for China's manufacturing industry to occupy an advantage in international competition." Said giusendi

"For example, if we want to sell our products to Africa, the product performance must adapt to the hot weather in Africa, so we need to make some improvements in the product design. With the R & D database, such improvements are very simple, as long as we change a few parameters. What is appropriate to change, the database also has daily use information for reference. Now the R & D cycle of our enterprise's improved products is only about two weeks. Previously, it might have been more than a month. And , our engineers in China can remotely guide African users to use and maintain equipment. " Zhengshanglong said, "without such R & D and after-sales service capabilities, it is difficult for our products to go out."

"interconnection + equipment manufacturing industry", the focus is still products, and interconnection provides more possibilities for innovation.

however, compared with developed countries, there is still a certain gap in the interconnection practice of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises. As Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said, some of our equipment manufacturing enterprises are still making up the lesson of 2.0 to 3.0. The interconnection practice of some enterprises is only e-commerce, and the interconnection thinking has not really penetrated into the production process

"the weakest link is market research. The ideal state is that sales and after-sales personnel upload market feedback and demands in real time during their work, forming a huge database to guide design and R & D personnel to develop new products, and even guide enterprise managers to create new models and new formats." Zhengshanglong said, "however, at present, Chinese enterprises are still unable to make the heater and pressure sensor housing in the hemodialysis machine and dental instruments that need to be sterilized."

in addition, the interconnection practice of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises is still relatively shallow, one of which is the lack of third-party professional services around the manufacturing industry. For example, some foreign manufacturing enterprises do not manage their own supply chain, and raw material procurement and logistics are entrusted to third-party enterprises. Such a third-party enterprise provides supply chain services for multiple manufacturing industries at the same time, so its operation efficiency is higher. However, there are few third-party companies providing professional services for the manufacturing industry in China, and the market acceptance is not high. "From the perspective of data, services account for 40% - 60% of the income of well-known manufacturing enterprises in developed countries, while only 15% - 20% in China." Said giusendi

to integrate "Internet +" with the traditional equipment manufacturing industry in an all-round way, we must first change our ideas. Traditional equipment manufacturing enterprises still face some practical obstacles in applying interconnection: for example, there is a large amount of investment in the development of interconnection, but at present, enterprises do not have enough spare money; Interconnection makes management more detailed and transparent, and there are fewer opportunities for freeloader and slacker. Individual employees will have negative emotions; Most equipment manufacturing enterprises are large and complete, small and complete. Adopting the professional services of third-party enterprises will face the problems of personnel diversion and idle assets, and the enthusiasm of enterprises is not high; wait. If the determination of enterprises to embrace the Internet is not firm enough, it is bound to hinder the development of service-oriented manufacturing

in addition, it is also important to strengthen personnel training. On the one hand, compared with developed countries such as Germany, the education level of industrial workers in China is relatively low. If we want them to adapt to the Internet working environment, we need to strengthen training. On the other hand, the training object should also include the person in charge of the enterprise. At what stage and for what kind of interconnected system the enterprise is currently in, the person in charge of the enterprise needs to control it scientifically

"it should be emphasized that the service-oriented manufacturing industry is still a manufacturing industry rather than a service industry. In the final analysis, the core competitiveness lies in products and manufacturing modes." Jusendi said, "the focus of the development of 'interconnection +' in the equipment manufacturing industry must not be wrong, and the main energy must be put on products." Zhengshanglong also holds the same view. He said: "only with the intelligence of products can there be a follow-up service-oriented manufacturing industry. The fundamental factor for the manufacturing industry to win the market is products, and the key is to make more efforts in the development of new products."

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