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Focus: the formulation of standards of the Construction Machinery Association ushers in a spring breeze of policies

focus: the formulation of standards of the Construction Machinery Association ushers in a spring breeze of policies

China Construction Machinery Information

not long ago, the State Council issued a notice on deepening the reform plan of standardization work, which proposed to basically build a new standard system with coordinated development and supporting between the standards formulated by the government and the standards independently formulated by the market by 2020. The reform plan also puts forward the implementation steps of three stages, and defines the road map and timetable of standardization reform. This means that the standard formulation of the Construction Machinery Association also welcomes the spring breeze of policy

the market calls for community standards

as far as the construction machinery industry is concerned, the standards of the whole industry are scattered in 6 national standardization technical committees and 5 sub technical committees

in addition, there are "Technical Committee for standardization of mining vehicles" and "Technical Committee for standardization of special purpose vehicles" (iso/tc22) in the automotive industry. Some of the products covered by their business should also be classified as earth moving machinery in construction machinery or crane, pump truck, mixer truck, municipal sanitation machinery and other construction machinery with automobile as chassis

according to incomplete statistics, there are 649 current standards (excluding elevators) in the construction machinery industry, including 307 National standards GB; 342 industrial standards (including JB in machinery industry, JG in construction industry, QC in automobile industry and JT in transportation industry)

in recent years, the standardization committees have had a lot of work to prepare and revise standards. The standardization committees in the industry have done a lot of work in organizing the drafting of national standards, industrial standards and the transformation of international standards, and have made achievements. However, there are still nearly 100 standards to be submitted for approval and planned to be drafted or revised. According to the information obtained by the Construction Machinery Industry Association and reflected by relevant enterprises, there are still problems such as lack of standards, lagging behind and aging, and repeated and cross contradictions. It is urgent to solve the problems by social groups

experts of the association believe that at present, the problem of standard management system and mechanism has indeed affected the development of some fields of the construction machinery industry to varying degrees. For example, the overrun of truck cranes above 55 tons generally reflected by enterprises in the engineering crane industry is mainly a standard problem, involving the national standard, the national development and Reform Commission Standard (now the Ministry of industry and information technology), and the Ministry of communications standard; It also involves administrative regulations such as "announcement", "3C" and motor vehicle registration. Among them, the contradiction between the standards has resulted in the current large-scale truck cranes being unable to obtain licenses, operate and obtain insurance, resulting in a backlog of products that are very needed in the market, which not only brings significant economic losses to the enterprise, but also restricts the development of major technical equipment such as large-scale truck cranes (including all terrain cranes). The association has always reflected these demands of the enterprise. This shows that the unified and coordinated standards can promote the healthy development of the industry, and the uncoordinated standards will seriously affect the development of the industry

the current standards in China are mainly government standards, and national, industrial and local standards are formulated under the leadership of the government. There is a lack of standards formulated under the guidance of market demand and led by social organizations. This unitary structure leads to the insufficient role of society and the market, which restricts the effective supply of standards. In contrast, the United States, the European Union, Japan and other developed countries, in addition to government standards, have a relatively sound system and a large number of social organization standards. There is a good connection and coordination mechanism between the two. Cultivating and developing community groups, drawing out the unique face weaving standards that appear in my mind, and actively and steadily promoting industry associations to formulate and release social group standards according to market needs are important measures for the reform of standardized management system and mechanism, which meet the actual situation of the construction machinery industry and the needs of relevant enterprises

there are obvious advantages in formulating standards

suzimeng, Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said that as a national industry association, China Construction Machinery Industry Association has obvious advantages and good foundation in carrying out standards work for social groups in the construction machinery industry

first, the association is a social organization with legal person status, which is voluntarily composed of upstream, middle and downstream enterprises, users, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities in the construction machinery industry and registered according to law. For the establishment of a new technical standard system, the association not only responds to and supports this reform, but also should actively participate in the construction of new systems, including the formulation and revision of community organization standards, play a leading role in community standard work and lead the healthy development of the industry

second, the construction machinery industry has a high degree of marketization and is an active field of technological innovation. The association plays an increasingly important role in industry marketization and technological innovation

as we all know, the construction machinery industry is a fully competitive industry with the highest degree of marketization in the field of equipment manufacturing. State owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises provide equipment for users in full competition, and various supporting suppliers, agents and manufacturers compete to develop relying on market-oriented allocation of resources. In order to occupy a favorable position in the market competition, the technological innovation of relevant enterprises is very active, the number of patents in the whole industry has exceeded 100000, and the number of invention patents has increased year by year; The upgrading of products has been accelerated, major equipment has been emerging, and the influence of brands has been greatly improved

relevant personnel from the headquarters and 30 branches of the association are familiar with the technical development of the industry and the standardization work (the Secretariat of the association has a standards and regulations department and a standardization working committee, which has participated in the work of each Standardization Committee for a long time). In addition, it also has a large number of member enterprises, standardization committees, testing institutions and research institutes who are enthusiastic about standardization. The key units are the standing directors and vice presidents of the association. Therefore, the association has the ability to actively organize enterprises in the construction machinery industry, standardization committees, research and testing institutions, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutes to formulate standards for various associations in the industry based on the market needs and according to the government's entrustment or the proposal of member units

widely recognized by the society

in recent years, China Construction Machinery Industry Association has accumulated rich experience through formulating Association standards, which has laid a foundation for better carrying out the standard work of social organizations

2010, the Second Council of the fourth session of the association formally adopted the standard management measures of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, authorizing the association to organize the drafting of the association's standards. Since 2011, a total of 24 Association standards have been approved and issued, which has played a positive role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry

the definition and classification standard of construction machinery is the first standard of the association. This standard defines the definition of construction machinery in the form of standard for the first time, and defines 20 categories of products covered by construction machinery. All branches of this standard have participated in it widely, and it has been widely recognized by the government, industrial enterprises and society

nine standards have been formulated by the road construction machinery branch, involving the installation, adjustment, repair, operation and other vocational skills; Equipment acceptance, after-sales service and instructions for use; Standards for key accessories, etc

the association and Sinopec lubricating oil research center have organized the formulation of five lubricating oil selection standards. The drafting of these five standards is based on the association's investigation of a large number of industrial enterprises' oil use. The association has sent nearly 1000 specially designed survey forms to industrial enterprises, and recovered more than 200 questionnaires for analysis and summary. The survey results show that the oil used in the industry is chaotic, the grade of oil used is generally low, and the normative guidance documents are missing. In order to solve the above problems and ensure the oil for construction machinery products, the association has drafted this standard in conjunction with Sinopec lubricating oil research center

the three standards for remanufacturing terms, product identification and general technical requirements of construction machinery parts organized and formulated by the academic work committee are the strong support for the association to implement the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, the remanufacturing pilot led by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and also meet the market needs of the industry to develop to a certain period of time

the decoration and aerial work machinery branch has drafted five standards on installation, disassembly, maintenance, operation and construction methods for aerial work baskets, platforms and window cleaners, which are the acceptance standards for scientific research projects in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and a mode of standard service for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

the general technical conditions for low-speed electric passenger vehicles drafted by the quality working committee and the sightseeing vehicle branch have standardized the technical conditions for sightseeing vehicles and formed a standard

among the 24 standards, there is one term standard defined; Four safety standards; Three standards for energy conservation and environmental protection; Five technical standards; Three service standards; Two training standards; Four standards for spare parts; One construction method standard; One product standard

in recent years, with the efforts of relevant standardization committees and industrial enterprises of construction machinery, and with the continuous preparation and revision of construction machinery standards, the average standard age is gradually shortening, gradually approaching the guidance level of the five-year average standard age of the National Standardization Committee. The technical level will be further improved with the shortening of standard age, which will play an important role in technical progress

the association will focus on eight tasks

Su Zimeng pointed out that in the next step, the association intends to focus on the following eight tasks:

first, the development of standards for social groups in the construction machinery industry will be fully launched. The headquarters and branches of the association will systematically organize the general survey of standards for the whole industry and sub industries according to their respective characteristics, and investigate and sort out the national, industrial, geographical and international standards related to the industry and products, Initially establish a standard system and framework for different industries to lay a good foundation for organizing the formulation of standards for social organizations. We should carefully sort out the background of various standards, and make clear what is playing a role, what is not playing a role, what needs to be modified, what needs to be eliminated, and so on

second, start the revision of the standard management measures of China Construction Machinery Industry Association. In combination with the implementation of the standard management measures of the association in recent years, the opinions of key enterprises, branches, standards committees, testing institutions and research institutes are widely solicited, and the cumbersome approval process is simplified as much as possible on the basis of ensuring the quality of standard revision

third, start the standard planning of social organizations in the construction machinery industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period. On the basis of the general survey of industry standards, the "13th five year plan" for social organizations' standards of the industry is prepared, the current situation is analyzed, the guiding ideology for the development of social organizations' standards is established, the standard system and framework of social organizations are established, the standard database is prepared, and the international exchange channel is constructed

fourth, the standardization expert committee is established on the basis of the standards and Regulations Department of the association. The standardization Expert Committee of the association is the standard technical support organization of the association's social organizations, responsible for the overall planning of industry standardization, the establishment of standard system, the review and coordination of annual plans and cross standards. It is suggested that all branches should establish their expert committees according to the corresponding models

fifth, strengthen the publicity and implementation of the existing standards, including the cooperative standards, and improve the recognition and implementation of the existing standards

sixth, do a good job in the top-level design of community standards in the construction machinery industry: encourage and organize enterprises, mobilize the enthusiasm of relevant users, standards committees, testing institutions, research institutes, colleges and universities and social personages, and support the formulation, publicity and implementation of the community standards in the construction machinery industry

it is preliminarily considered to carry out work from the following five levels: first, focus

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