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Focus: Taizhou largest tonnage crawler crane put into use

focus: lizhaoxia, deputy director of Taizhou Yuncheng Hejin industrial and mining coordination office, put the largest tonnage crawler crane into use

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it was learned from Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision that recently, an 80 ton crawler crane located in Taizhou bay bridge has passed the acceptance of Taizhou special inspection center and has been officially put into use, This is by far the largest mobile crane in Taizhou

the construction of Coastal Expressway, the largest infrastructure project in Taizhou, started on November 11, 2014. As an important part of the project and a pivotal project, Taizhou bay bridge also started construction at the same time. Taizhou Bay sea crossing bridge is the longest and widest bridge under construction in the city, with a sea crossing length of 4.038km and two-way six lanes. The construction requires tower cranes, gantry cranes, crawler cranes and other special equipment. Taizhou special inspection center adheres to the quality supervision style of "science, justice, probity and efficiency". At the same time, the trouble brought by Taizhou special inspection center is to increase the flammability of aircraft, give full play to the technical support role of technical institutions, provide timely and fast technical services, and provide safety guarantee for key projects in the city

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