Zhejiang naisidi 2018 third quarter kick-off meeti

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At the third quarter all staff launch conference of Zhejiang neside, general manager Chen CE introduced three keywords from yesterday, today and tomorrow, summarized the achievements of the previous quarter, and encouraged all families to make persistent efforts to create better performance in the next quarter

time is in a hurry. 2018 has passed half of the time. In this enthusiastic summer, after half a year of struggle, we ushered in the third quarter of the all staff kick-off meeting

a passionate opening dance performance ignited the atmosphere of the scene and opened the curtain of the third quarter launch conference of nesti

▲ leadership speech - General Manager Chen

Chen CE, general manager of Zhejiang naisidi home furnishing Co., Ltd., delivered a speech for the conference, introducing three keywords from yesterday, today and tomorrow, summarizing the achievements of the previous quarter, and encouraging all families to make persistent efforts to create better performance in the next quarter

the work report of the second quarter of 2018 and the work plan of the third quarter

▲ the director of the design department

Zou generally shared the work items of the design department in the previous quarter, and also listed the work priorities of the next quarter, pointing out that: we will speed up the launch of new products and information construction, launch modern minimalist products, and enhance information construction, with kujiale software as the front end and topsolid software as the back end, ERP is a grand blueprint for connecting the overall situation

▲ deputy general manager of production

deputy general manager of production Deng put forward valuable opinions on the overall production process and daily management of the factory, and said that it would be implemented in August to continuously improve and do better, "Conscientiousness, quickness, adhering to commitments and never making excuses " is the consistent style of Johns.

▲ regional Deputy Director

Xu, deputy director, shared on behalf of the sales department, including the sales performance in the first half of the year and the performance sprint target in the second quarter, and decomposed the performance.

▲ director of personnel administration

director Zheng said that in the next quarter, the personnel administration work will be phased and refined to do a good job of personnel administration guarantee in the second half of the year 。

▲ draw the lucky prize

▲ director of OEM Department

OEM department is mainly responsible for the production and quality control of the branch factory. Director Wang launched a plan for the work of the next quarter and expressed confidence in completing the production tasks assigned by the company

▲ the director of PMC Department

for the order delivery date, PMC department timely reminds and tracks the front-end order information technology data, customer supplied materials, sales color boards, etc., and timely tracks and provides all the data, materials and production process status required by the back-end production department, so as to ensure the completion of the order on time, according to quality and quantity

work commitment in the third quarter of 2018

the heads of all departments are full of morale and collective commitment: commitment to work goals, commitment to the future of nexteel, and even commitment to their own ideals

A group of advanced individuals emerged in the second quarter. The company commended these advanced individuals and issued exquisite prizes and award certificates

▲ "Quarterly Progress Award" winner

▲ "quarterly position expert" winner

▲ "quarterly excellent employee" winner

▲ "quarterly excellent management" winner

unity + wisdom = interactive games

all kinds of interesting interactive games ignite the on-site atmosphere to the boiling point

(you say I'm looking for) games

(see who drinks fast) games

▲ "third prize" winner

▲ "second prize" winner

▲ "first prize" winner

▲ when the summary of the general manager meeting

activities was coming to an end, President Chen made a summary speech for this quarterly launch meeting. He said that the growth of the company could not be separated from every family present, and jockins would play the role of a large platform, Create more value for your family and look forward to a better tomorrow





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