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A preliminary study on the reasons why the price of polyester staple fiber rose again in this round

with the continuous rise of cotton prices, polyester staple fiber has once again set off an upward offensive this week. Up to now, the mainstream transaction price of polyester staple semi gloss 1.4d*3 in East China is 8mm yuan/ton, and a gasket is added between the oil collector and the pump body for cash to leave the factory. Private enterprises in Shandong and Hebei Province produce polyester short 1.4d*38mm, and the mainstream negotiation transaction is delivered at yuan/ton

to analyze the reasons why the price of polyester staple fiber rose again this round, we can analyze it from the following aspects:

the first and most important reason is the "Crazy" cotton. When the downstream weaving mills are still considering whether to purchase for the high cotton price, the cotton market has quietly entered the era of 30000. And due to the reduction of cotton production this year, low quality and other reasons, the cotton market is more likely to fall into a record high oscillation consolidation

as the most direct substitute of cotton for angstron in many industries, the attention of polyester staple fiber market has increased. When the rigid demand of the market has been amplified, the situation of "both volume and price" has emerged. Generally, the price difference between cotton and its main substitute polyester staple fiber is about 20%. If the price of cotton is more than 20% higher than that of polyester staple fiber, the market demand of some cotton will turn to polyester staple fiber; If the price of cotton is less than 10% higher than that of polyester staple fiber, the market demand of some polyester staple fibers will turn to cotton. At present, the price difference between the two is still large, so there is still room for polyester short to rise

followed by high-level support of raw materials and strong downstream yarn market. At present, the supply of paraxylene market is tight, and the market still shows an upward trend; PTA manufacturers have many unexpected failures, and the contract supply is limited. Recently, some units are still unstable to start; The good supply and demand side and financial environment will continue to support the PTA spot market to a new high, and the internal and external market will rise strongly. Up to now, the RMB offer valuation in the internal market is 9100 yuan//ton, and the real offer valuation is about yuan/ton; The market situation of the outer ship cargo was closed and sold sparingly, and the negotiated valuation of Taiwan ship cargo was around us $1125/ton; South Korea cargo negotiation intention USD/ton. The quotation of polyester cotton yarn continues to rise under the high cost, but the market trading volume is small and the trading situation is general. The pure polyester yarn market has a stable upward trend, and the sales situation is acceptable. Although the downstream yarn profit margin has been suppressed, the overall market is still good. 1. Washing machine shell

again, polyester staple fiber has not expanded its production capacity much in recent years. At present, although the manufacturers are basically operating at full capacity, and some enterprises that stopped production in the early stage have resumed production, the supply of goods in the market is still tight, and the manufacturers have low or basically no inventory. In addition, the mentality of buying up and not buying down in the downstream has further exacerbated the market price of polyester staple fiber rising again. The market atmosphere is hot, the mentality of insiders is optimistic, traders and cargo holders are reluctant to sell their goods, and the market price "rises with the tide"

to sum up, we believe that polyester staple fiber has continued its strong trend in the near future, and the market is still optimistic without obvious changes in the relationship between supply and demand. We will pay close attention to the trend of cotton prices and raw material prices in the future

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