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On the quality management of packaging and printing

for packaging and printing enterprises, product quality is extremely important. It is not only related to the reputation of the enterprise, but also directly affects the sales market and economic benefits of the enterprise. Therefore, quality is the life and lifeblood of the enterprise. From the perspective of end users, the uniqueness of the brand puts forward higher requirements for the appearance of packaging. Compared with non packaging printing, packaging printing quality requirements are more stringent, and quality management is more challenging. In the focus of this issue, we will approach well-known domestic packaging printing enterprises and gain insight into their successful quality management experience and experience, so as to jointly improve the quality competitiveness of Chinese packaging printing enterprises

first, there is no rule, there is no place -- Specification drives quality

printing is an industry of experience and technology, and relying on experience to do things is a major feature of this industry. Moreover, there are a variety of packaging products, printing processes and processing procedures, so many manufacturing processes have increased a lot of uncertainty, and become the biggest shackle to improve quality

the completion of packaged products is not what anyone wants to do at will. Especially when products are produced in batch, the process must be standardized by a set of standard business processes, and a complete set of operation instructions need to be formulated

from the experience of successful packaging printing enterprises, IS09000 quality management system has become a powerful tool to standardize operation and improve quality

the quality management experience of successful packaging printing enterprises has proved that the more specific the work standard is, the more conducive it is to operation and control. The process work method plays a positive role in controlling the specific aspects of work standards. It clearly stipulates the specific work and standards of the post, so that employees with different skills and qualities can work according to the work processes and standards, so as to reduce the dependence of work quality on human factors. The level of work standardization determines the level of product quality and production efficiency

Standardized Solution: when installing the electronic universal tensile machine, 1 we must follow the steps and methods of eliminating hidden dangers and prolonging the service life of the equipment in the manual of Jinan wance electronic tensile machine. Installation is indeed conducive to printing quality control, which can effectively reduce production costs and improve service levels. The printing production process is long and complicated. The control of printing quality lies in the whole process. Any process link is not handled properly, the skill level of operators in all links is uneven, and the operation is not standardized. The DMC price is about 8500 yuan/ton, so it is impossible to produce fine printing products

Dongguan tiger color introduced the IS0 quality management system in 1994, and is at the forefront of the industry in the implementation of standardization. In the process of implementing standardization and standardized operation, Tiger color has never stopped for many years. Tiger color is introduced and continuously promoted [s09000 quality management system, its main purpose is to strengthen and standardize the company's management with the help and use of this international management mode, so as to ensure the smooth operation of all work and achieve excellent quality. In combination with the requirements of international standards, Tiger color has formed a set of its own characteristics and relatively perfect IS09000 document system, which includes four levels.

the first level releases the pendulum to make it land and break the sample is the quality manual, which clearly defines It stipulates the quality policy of Tiger color - high quality employees, doing the best in everything, pursuing zero defects, and outlines the document structure of the quality system

the second level is the procedure document, which is the supporting document of the quality manual and the specific description of the methods adopted for various quality activities

the third level is the operation guidance, that is, referring to the provisions of procedure documents, formulate technical operation instructions to guide the operation specifications ranging from temperature and humidity control to equipment operation and maintenance and process inspection control

the fourth level is the form record, which is formed in accordance with the procedure documents and operation guidelines. Its purpose is to provide confirmation for the occasions with traceability requirements and when taking corrective and preventive measures

for each production process, set control points and control elements, and take whether they meet the standard requirements as the basis for flow into the next process to control the process

the so-called standardization is actually the maximum standardization. Under the same process conditions, the printing effect should be completely consistent in different places, at different times, and with different operators. This requires the measurement and control of process parameters to stabilize the process conditions. This requires that in the printing process, according to the characteristics of the enterprise, determine the key processes, and control all processes in the printing process, so as to achieve the purpose of professional production

taking the current CTP workflow in large printing enterprises as an example, the CTP system is required to standardize the required data during the document production and review period, including the setting of curve parameters and process parameters, so that the corresponding data can be quickly called during production and use. At the same time, CTP can accurately quantify many links in the traditional workflow that cannot accurately control the quality, such as manual copying, patchwork, printing, and: Chinese version, so as to easily achieve one-step implementation. In addition, CTP process combined with chat com system can quickly and accurately send the prepress data to the computer of the printing machine, so that the captain can print the new order for the first time as if it were an old one, with standardized standard ink volume distribution parameters. Any captain only needs to transfer the printed work order data out for use, and the standard ink volume parameters will automatically adjust the ink supply system of the machine, so that the equipment can quickly enter the printing state. The captain can easily get the final printing effect by slightly adjusting

in packaging and printing processing, many materials are involved, and the application of BOM (bill of materials) system facilitates the management of materials. In the BOM system, each product will have a detailed BOM list, which includes the variety and quantity of the required materials. It has been formulated during the order review. With this list, the marketing department and the financial department can calculate the unit cost of the product and know it well before the product is officially produced. No matter what the order quantity of the customer is, just click MRP calculation in the production planning system, and all the materials required by the work order can be displayed at a glance. In which process, what materials are used and how many quantities are required. Material control and purchasing personnel can accurately issue material preparation instructions and purchase orders without work order data. In addition, during production preparation, machine personnel can also clearly query the bill of materials, and they do not need to worry about picking up the wrong materials

the characteristics of the commercial market have led to the development of packaging products in the direction of multiple varieties and batches. Therefore, the variety of processed products tends to be various, and the product process card information system is a standardized management tool

in the product process card information system, the process flow of the print, various technical parameters and main raw and auxiliary materials required in the process (prepress production, printing and post press processing) are determined, and the problems and precautions in production are commented to guide production. A complete process card can be transformed into a production work order by the planning department, which can guide each production department to easily complete its relevant work content. In addition, the labor cost calculation of the finance department, the material calculation of the planning department and the planning and scheduling are also based on the process card

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