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Packaging and printing quality management talk about the first piece problem (the first product of each process), which is required in the quality management system, but

many printing enterprises can do little in actual operation. If the first piece problem of each process is done in place, then there will be no batch quality problems

if the self inspection of 200 samples (or higher frequency) of each process in production is done well, there will not be a lot of process defects. The main reason why this work is not done well is that it is not paid enough attention, there is no iron discipline, and there is no good habit. If you do it, you will gain a lot

5. Fill in the printer captain report form

Xingguang's printer captain report form is very characteristic. The captain must fill in each production order separately, and only when the relevant contents are filled in can mass production be carried out. The contents of table setting check include the following aspects

(1) project number

(2) whether the paper meets the requirements of the order and the sample

(3) whether the color is consistent with the sample

(4) whether the text has errors, omissions, word collapse and other defects

(5) needle position, 1 2mm line (longitudinal positioning line of printing plate)

(6) color sequence

after printing, write the ink consumption and finished quantity of each color on the report form. The report form is in duplicate, one is bound on the first sample and put into the information bag for reference when returning the order next time, and the other is submitted to the Printing Supervisor for statistical use. This method is a bit like the checklist used by pilots before takeoff. After checking each item, you must make sure that each item has been checked and no item can be omitted. I think this method is worth learning from peers to ensure that there will be no low-level errors in the printing process

at present, many printing plants are actually carrying out full inspection on the printed color paper and finished products, which is helpless (failure to inspect is not enough to ensure that the delivery is qualified, but also can detect the anchor rod, anchorage, anchor cable, single ring chain, double ring chain, three ring chain, conveyor belt, steel strand, etc. in mining equipment) and there is no way (reducing the proportion of full inspection has excellent performance price ratio and reliable quality). A lot of manpower and materials are wasted, which is better done by Xingguang.

in Xingguang, qualified products are produced and clearly marked by the machine personnel. For quality problems that should not be observed, the quality department has the right to ask the machine personnel to rework and then hand over to the factory for next process. In each process, unqualified products will be picked out and placed separately, as long as the unqualified products are treated separately, so as to save manpower and material resources. In fact, every production personnel should have this awareness

6. Deal with customer complaints

another important part of quality work is the handling of customer complaints, which is an important sales service work. If we do this well, we can more accurately grasp the requirements of customers and establish a good interactive relationship with customers

starlight has clear requirements for the response speed of customer complaints, After receiving the complaint, you must flash back within 2 hours to know how to deal with it on the customer's site within 24 hours. Try to keep the customer's production unaffected.

constantly improving your own quality buffalo can reduce the handling of quality complaints, because the quality of printed matter includes function and appearance, and the appearance is highly subjective, so it is also very important to establish a good interpersonal relationship with customers.

author/Liu Siwen

source of information: "Packaging and decoration printing" 2005, so the roughness should not be too small 10 (packaging and decoration printing)

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