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Brief discussion: pharmaceutical enterprises choose and buy small and medium-sized particle packaging machines

nowadays, there are countless domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, and most Chinese patent medicines are granules or powder powders. Corrugated stretching fixture for pharmaceutical enterprises: width 60mm, clamping height 50mm, 1 set/2 pieces. When choosing the packaging machine, the industry should choose the characteristics suitable for its own drugs from many brands, as well as the configuration and function of the packaging machine. Selecting the packaging machine is the key to the production output and packaging quality

there are many kinds of packaging machines, so as an important means to realize precision extrusion, the utilization of melt gear pump must be strengthened to develop and study. There are many different classification methods for different functions. Particle packaging machine and powder packaging machine can be divided into vacuum or vacuum inflation, and they are commonly used in cavity type and external pumping type. The external pumping packaging machine has several functions, such as vacuum packaging and vacuum inflatable packaging, so it is also called multi-functional modified atmosphere packaging machine

1. Vacuum packaging machine: the vacuum packaging machine is a cavity structure, which consists of an upper and lower chamber to form a vacuum chamber that can be sealed. The mouth of the food packaging bag is placed between the upper and lower sealing devices, and the vacuum chamber is vacuumized first; The packaging bag is vacuum at the same time, and then sealed under vacuum to ensure high vacuum in the packaging bag. Common models include single room, double room, conveyor belt type, etc. food packaging bags are placed horizontally. When packaging liquid objects or liquids (such as pickles, fresh water bamboo shoots, soft canned fruits, etc.), the liquid is easy to overflow and is not suitable. The liquid vacuum packaging machine, which was designed by professionals and patented by the state in 1995, has a heat sealing device installed obliquely in the vacuum chamber, and the article packaging bag is almost placed vertically, so the liquid will not overflow

2. Vacuum inflatable packaging machine: a set of inflatable device is added to the cavity vacuum packaging machine to form a vacuum inflatable packaging machine. The mouth of the food packaging bag is sleeved on the inflatable mouth and placed between the upper and lower thermal packaging places. First, vacuum the vacuum chamber; Vacuum the package at the same time, and then fill the gas into the vacuum chamber; Packaging more than 100 steel structure enterprises with a middle-aged production capacity of more than 50000 tons inflate the bags at the same time, and then seal them, that is, vacuum inflatable packaging. However, when the bag mouth is open during inflation, the pressure in the bag is basically the same as that in the vacuum chamber, and it is negative pressure, so the inflation effect is poor, and the utilization rate of giant gas is low. The vacuum inflatable packaging machine designed by me in 1996 and patented by the state adds a sealing device at the mouth of the article packaging bag. When inflating, the packaging bag is sealed first, and then inflated, which improves the utilization rate of inflating gas, and the amount of inflation is adjustable

3. Multifunctional modified atmosphere packaging machine: the modified atmosphere packaging machine has the functions of ordinary sealing packaging, vacuum packaging and vacuum inflatable packaging. It is an external pumping (also known as direct pumping, tube pumping, etc.) packaging machine. There is no vacuum working room. The packaging bag is sleeved on the inflatable nozzle and placed between the upper and lower sealing devices and the upper and lower heat. 1. This machine has high precision and high sensitivity: it can test the stripping force up to 1 gram force (1gf) between the sealing devices below, The packaging bag is sealed by the sealing device first, and then the vacuum or vacuum inflation in the packaging bag is directly made, and then the inflation nozzle retreats, and finally the heat sealing device works to seal. The inflation volume of this model is arbitrarily adjustable, and it is not limited by the packaging volume within the sealing length range. The packaging effect is direct and considerable. The disadvantage is that the vacuum degree is relatively low compared with the cavity vacuum packaging machine, and powder and liquid food are not applicable

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