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Jincheng Anchuan stamping robot supplier FANUC robot product series, Jincheng Anchuan stamping robot supplier, has up to 240 kinds, with a load from 0.5 kg to 1.35 tons, which are widely used in different production links such as equipment, transfer, welding, casting, spraying, stacking, etc., to meet the different needs of customers. In June, 2008, FANUC became a foreign manufacturer with more than 200000 robots; In 2011, FANUC's global installed capacity has exceeded 250000 units, and the proportion of shopping malls is firmly rooted. No wind or rain can shake it. 2. KUKA KUKA and its German parent company are foreign manufacturers of industrial robots and active control systems. It was established in Augsburg, Germany, in 1898, and was called "kellerundknappichaugsburg" at that time

the continuous development of science and technology has led to the advancement of the robot profession, and it is the robot country with the most development potential. Robots have been used in various fields, especially in industrial production, and have been deeply integrated into the manufacturing industry, boosting the continuous development of China's manufacturing industry. The following is an analysis of the eight most widely used occupations of industrial robots. 1、 Car production

through years of development, industrial robots are most widely used in car production. With the continuous development of car industry, robots can work independently and be used in more production links. Industrial robots play the role of dressing workers, operators, welders and other people in car production. The main applications are welding, gluing, arc welding, spraying, etc., as well as handling robots, gluing robots, liquid material filling robots and so on. In the emerging industrial era, loading and unloading robots can meet the requirements of "fast/large-scale processing tempo", "saving labor cost price", "improving production power", and become the backbone choice of more and more factories

in 2016, about 12380 industrial robots were sold only for the production of complete cars, and car parts robots will surpass this figure. The rise of cars has led to the rapid development of the car industry. Industrial robots can replace human beings in the harsh environment of low temperature, high temperature, and so on, complete heavy, monotonous and repetitive production work, and improve power while ensuring production quality

with the improvement of industrial robot intelligence and the in-depth study of vertical categories, the scope of application is constantly expanding, and robots have been continuously extended from car manufacturing to other automation areas

in the production boundary, it is mainly used in the following aspects: (1) transfer, loading, unloading or stacking of workpieces or materials; (2) Processing and manufacturing of mechanical parts, including data cutting, kneading, forming and surface treatment; (3) Mechanical and electrical equipment, including welding, bonding and mechanical and electrical parts and equipment; (4) Quality inspection of semi-finished products or products in the production process. The palletizing robot system adopts the patented coordinate robot, which occupies a flexible and compact space. The idea of building an efficient and energy-saving automatic block forming machine production line in a small area has become a reality. From the perspective of occupation, most robots are used in the car industry in overseas scale, followed by the electronic and electrical industries, and then the resin or rubber molding processing, fine machinery manufacturing and metal products manufacturing industries

II. Electronics and electrics

now, the sales volume of industrial robots in the electrical and electronic profession is increasing year by year, second only to the demand for car production. In 2017, the sales volume of industrial robots produced by robot manufacturers and used in the electrical/electronic industry increased by 65%. IFR predicts that the non fatigue failure is caused by the stress level below the elastic limit, and the demand for industrial robots in the electrical/electronic industry is expected to continue to grow. In addition, semiconductor and chip manufacturers are also increasing their investment in automation, and large battery production facilities will be installed to meet the growing demand for pure electric and hybrid electric cars. The advantages of palletizing robot in many aspects, such as strong operation ability, large scope of application, small floor space, high flexibility, low cost and convenient maintenance, make it widely used and become a driving trend

in recent years, electronic and electrical products are developing in the direction of lightness, small size and precision. Many domestic manufacturers will customize products according to demand, and the automatic processing of machines has greatly improved the production power. According to the survey data, the product rate can be increased from 87% to 93% through robot polishing. Therefore, whether the "robot arm" is a more high-end robot, the production power will be greatly improved after it is put into use

III. rubber and plastic

rubber and plastic is one of the occupations with a very broad vision. The characteristics of plastic will make it a necessary raw material for future economic development

the stamping robot uses a manipulator, which is conducive to the transmission of forward data, the loading and unloading of workpieces, the replacement of tools, and the degree of automation of machine equipment. Then it can advance the production rate, reduce the production cost price, and accelerate the pace of mechanization and automation of industrial production. After the robot is selected for gluing, the operation power of gluing and dispensing is greatly advanced. Save a lot of manpower and greatly shorten the labor cost price. The cost can be recovered after one year of operation, and the robot will operate for no less than ten years under normal escort. With the rise of many fully automated gelatinization production lines, the gelatinization system will hold an increasingly broad market prospect and development potential! Equipment robot is the focus equipment of flexible and active equipment system, which is composed of robot manipulator, manipulator, end effector and sensor system

plastic raw materials need to be processed into fine used products or semi-finished products through injection molding machines and things. This process is relatively precise and requires a high degree of specialization, but the use of industrial robots can greatly reduce these problems. By adopting automation solutions, the production process can be more efficient, economical and reliable. Robots that master a series of operations, picking and placing, and finishing operations can complete high-intensity operations near the injection molding machine

IV. metal products

metal industry is one of the industries of. There are many kinds of metals, which are also widely used in various occupations. How to make metal rapid prototyping is very crucial. Using robot automation solutions can perfectly solve this problem. The modular structure design, sensitive control system and prefabricated application package of the machine system have become indispensable helpers for the production of metal products

the combination of robots and metal processing equipment makes the processing equipment reach the production power and realize the delivery time, and still adhere to profitability and efficient production together. Even for the extremely messy part processing, the automatic production system with the help of robots can not only effectively control the processing conditions within a certain range, significantly improve the productivity of machine tools and machining equipment, but also ensure that the parts to be processed meet the increasingly stringent quality requirements and the trend of small batch at any time. In addition, robots can also carry out subsequent processes such as sorting and assembly. Even with the rapid development of technology, the factory with 1560 ⑴ 590 yuan/ton of furnace charge in Zhejiang market can also respond sensitively. Arc welding robots are mainly used in the welding production of all kinds of car zero controls. In this range, large industrial robot production enterprises mainly provide unit products to complete equipment suppliers

v. chemical industry

chemical industry is a very important economic pillar industry in China, but its working environment makes many people stop. But this is just an opportunity for industrial robots, which can not only liberate human beings from dangerous jobs, but also reduce the cost of production for enterprises

VII. Food and beverage; VIII. Logistics and warehousing

the robot skills of the Anchuan stamping robot supplier in Jincheng make it possible to practice production locally where the environment and operation specifications are more respected than those in low wage areas. It also excludes the risk profile of workers. Industrial robots are full of sincerity. The performance of this business makes it full of sincerity to people on earth. At first, it's skills. It's about teamwork, communication and establishing real connections. In recent years, industrial robots have been widely used in car industry. As a leading manufacturer of robot skills in the world, it is widely used in the car industry and the boundary of man-machine assistance, including car spraying, bracket cutting, welding, inspection production lines, etc. during this period, robot spraying has become the norm in the car industry

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