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Make up for 42 years of "long and short legs" 3D printing to help him walk

he was accidentally injured at the age of 6, and his left leg fell down. Mr. Zhou from Yunnan has been seeking medical treatment everywhere for many years, and his left leg is 9 cm shorter than his right leg, which makes him suffer a lot. Yesterday, it was learned from Shenzhen Hospital of Shenzhen Southern Medical University that the Orthopedic Center of the hospital successfully completed the complex total hip replacement surgery for Mr. Zhou with the help of digital orthopedic 3D printing precision technology. It is understood that Mr. Zhou's left leg has basically returned to normal and can get out of bed and walk

long term dislocation of the joint caused a 9 cm difference between the left and right legs

Mr. Zhou fell in the ridge at the age of 6, resulting in the dislocation of the left hip joint. The family spent all their savings and borrowed money to raise money for his treatment. But at the age of 8, his left hip was dislocated again, and he fell ill because he couldn't raise money. His left hip, back and left chest had repeatedly swollen abscesses the size of steamed bread. He was so painful that he couldn't sleep all night and had no money to treat them, so he had to pick up a knife and stab them. Up to now, he still has 5 deeply sunken scars after healing

Professor sang Hongxun from the Orthopedic Center of Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University said that it was highly suspected that this was infected with bone tuberculosis. Because tuberculosis also occasionally self-healing, but because the dislocation of the joint has not been properly reduced, the development of the hip joint stopped. Slowly, the left leg was a full 9 cm shorter than the right leg, leaving a lifelong disability

Mr. Zhou was widowed in middle age and dragged three children with his broken legs alone. Because his left leg can't bear weight, he can only go to the construction site to do odd jobs. Due to financial constraints, his leg disease has not been cured. After his eldest son graduated, Mr. Zhou came to Shenzhen with his son to live

as he grew older, the bones of Mr. Zhou's injury were worn and eroded little by little, from weight-bearing pain to standing, sitting and lying pain. He could no longer drag his sick legs to work, so he had to seek more doctors again

"the patient has dislocated the left hip joint for 42 years, has a history of chronic bone tuberculosis infection, and has serious bone damage. Because the course of the disease is too long, the contracture of joints, tendons, muscles, blood vessels and nerves is serious, the operation is very difficult, the risk of neurovascular injury is very high, there are many complications, and the risk of infection is very high." Professor sang Hongxun introduced

the orthopedic team of the hospital studied and discussed repeatedly, and finally decided to implement a package of surgical solutions such as left hip muscle release, hip downward displacement, left femoral osteotomy and left total hip replacement through accurate and personalized 3D simulation planning and 3D printing model

3d printing assisted surgery men have been able to walk

the 3D model printed in a ratio of 1:1 is clearly displayed, which plays an important role in promoting China's transformation from a large country of surface materials to a powerful country, and has played an important role in promoting the severity and complexity of Mr. Zhou's condition. The surgical team conducted sufficient preoperative evaluation and planning according to the model, and invited Professor wuyaoping, a well-known domestic joint surgeon, to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of surgery with the help of the "three projects"

because the main indicators of the left leg are shown in Table 1, it is 9 cm shorter. Years of weight-bearing make the muscles, nerves, blood vessels and fascia near the joint contracture together. Professor wuyaoping straightens and extends the blood vessels and other tissues by loosening the squeezed muscles and lowering the nerves and fascia accidentally. The surgical team chose a new tantalum metal hip joint for Mr. Zhou, and the operation was successfully completed after more than 4 hours

although various preventive measures have been taken before, on the third day after the operation, the thrombotic complications worried by the doctor occurred, and Mr. Zhou's left leg suddenly swelled badly. After the consultation, the treatment team initially considered that the primary lesion of femoral bone tuberculosis led to vascular adhesion and deformity, and the extension of the patient's left lower limb led to excessive vascular traction, and the postoperative blood flow slowed down, resulting in serious deep venous thrombosis of the patient's left lower limb

during the operation, the doctor of the Orthopedic Center found that the deep vein of the left leg of Mr. Zhou was full of thrombus, so it was necessary to dissolve the thrombus urgently, otherwise Mr. Zhou was at risk of being unable to walk. After many attempts, the doctor basically removed the left deep venous thrombosis. Venous stents were placed in the obstructive segment, and thrombolytic catheter was retained to continue thrombolytic treatment, so as to dissolve the residual deep venous thrombosis. 4. Cost performance

on the second day after thrombolysis, the patient's left lower limb was significantly swollen, and now he can get out of bed. During the interview, Mr. Zhou's son said happily, "the breakfast in the morning was bought by his father from the canteen. Such a big operation can walk in a week."

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