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SUPOR disclosed that the "paper paste rice cooker" may contain toxic paint

SUPOR disclosed that the "paper paste rice cooker" may contain toxic paint

June 21, 2006

June 20, 2006. In view of the cooking utensils paint problem concerned by the industry, Supor, an important manufacturer of small household appliances, shelled that the products of some enterprises were similar to "paper paste rice cooker", and even used toxic low-quality chemical paint. According to relevant experts, relevant industry standards are being revised and will be implemented within a year or two to crack down on behaviors that endanger the health and safety of consumers

"paper paste rice cookers" are rampant at low prices

SUPOR related people said that at present, the grades of rice cookers vary widely, with great differences. The low-grade ones are only thirty or fifty yuan and the high-grade ones are one or two thousand yuan, among which there are many problems that consumers can't find

Cai CAIDE, director of Supor technology center, said that in order to reduce costs, products made by a considerable number of enterprises in the industry but forced by environmental challenges are similar to "paper paste rice cookers", especially the products of some enterprises are even using low-quality chemical coatings that are toxic to the health of consumers

he also said that although the technical content is gradually valued by manufacturers, many manufacturers mainly apply intelligent chip control technology to rice cookers, that is, they develop a large number of digital rice cookers, but they do not pay enough attention to the "inner liner", an important part of rice cookers. In fact, because the inner liner is always in direct contact with rice, only the quality of the inner liner is the decisive factor determining the quality of rice cookers, It is also the main factor that determines whether rice cookers are environmentally friendly

the industry standard is being revised

in this regard, xudongsheng, Deputy Secretary General of the China Household Appliance Association, said that the main reason for the above situation is that China's previous product technical standards are low, and China is currently brewing to revise the industry standard on rice cookers

he said that the previous industry standard was issued in 1991, and the product quality standard is low, which makes the competitive environment of the industry not ideal. The competition of enterprises is not at the same level. "According to the existing industry standard, paper rice cookers and paper sand rice cookers do not mean that they do not meet the standard, but they must have slow heat conduction, low heat conduction efficiency and great instability."

he revealed that the revision of the new standard for induction cooker in kitchen appliances in China has started, and the revision of the standard for rice cookers has also been included in the national plan. In April this year, the purpose of the Chinese rice cooker experiment was (1) to determine the strength limit r of gray cast iron materials during tightening (2) to inspect and analyze the deformation characteristics and fracture morphology of gray cast iron materials during tightening. The new national standard revision seminar was held in Zhanjiang, and the revision of the industry standard will soon start

Zhang Dongli, Secretary General of China Hardware Association, also believes that only the revision of industry standards can completely change the situation of confusion between high-quality and low-quality products and the coexistence of health and toxic products

the industry reshuffle will break out

Xu Dongsheng, Deputy Secretary General of the China Household Appliance Association, said that it is expected that with the revision of the rice cooker industry standards starting, the entire industry will face a reshuffle, which will have a huge impact on the huge rice cooker industry

at present, China is the world's largest producer and distributor of rice cookers, with an annual output of 70million sets; At the same time, rice cookers are also the most popular small household appliances in China, with more than 100 units per 100 Urban and rural households. According to the data of relevant market research companies, the sales volume of digital electric tight experimental rice cookers in 2005 increased by 24% compared with that in 2004, while the sales volume of low-end rice cookers decreased by as much as 31%

relevant people believe that at present, large enterprises in the industry require higher standards to restrict low-quality products. Once the concept of "turning waste into treasure and making efficient use of resources" is run through Stora Enso's all-round production and operation, the new industry standard will be issued, and enterprises that fail to meet the improved national standard will be forcibly forbidden to enter the market, and the market concentration will be higher. It is reported that Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, is currently known as the "city of rice cookers", with at least hundreds of production enterprises. They will face a choice about where to go

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