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Supermarkets lack suitable PE fresh-keeping film

pvc fresh-keeping film. The "t" beam column will break under the load of 7 tons; The direct impact of the wedge-shaped system is the rejection of PVC fresh-keeping film by the market

"it's better not to use it for the time being. Who knows if it will be harmful for the country to adopt the standards so many years ago?" At Tesco Guangxin store in Shanghai, Ms. Zhang told me. In front of the shelf with many fresh-keeping films, I saw that people who came to buy began to have more thoughts and look at the detailed instructions

supermarkets across the country have adopted a rejection attitude towards PVC fresh-keeping film. As early as October 14, when the Japanese newspaper interviewed Lotus supermarket in Yichu, Xie Hanren, the president, said, "if you find PVC products, you must remove them today!" On the 17th, the supermarket's public relations department called Jun to assure this newspaper that "all the preservative films used in cooked food are PE products." After lotus in Yichu, supermarkets such as Carrefour have also removed PVC fresh-keeping film

this phenomenon appears in more cities across the country. In Kunming Wal Mart and Carrefour, PVC fresh-keeping film can no longer be seen on the shelves of household fresh-keeping film. Most brand fresh-keeping films are marked with PE ingredients, and a few are specially marked with the words "this product absolutely does not contain PVC"

according to sources, the Shanghai municipal government will recently convene senior executives of major shopping malls in the city to discuss this matter. At that time, some shopping malls may put forward many of their ideas

"from the perspective of development trend, PVC fresh-keeping film is a product to be eliminated." Said zhangsinang, vice president of Shanghai plastics industry association and director of the consulting department. He has been calling for the elimination of PVC food packaging materials

eliminating PVC is definitely good for PE manufacturers. At present, more than 90% of supermarkets are using PVC fresh-keeping film. After it is stopped, supermarkets will face the problem of choosing the right fresh-keeping film. The survey also found that some supermarkets chose to pack meat food in plastic bags, while some supermarkets simply did not pack meat

according to insiders, "supermarkets cannot find better products to replace PVC food preservative film in a short period of time." This shows that PE fresh-keeping film does not have much competitive advantage at present, and even is at a disadvantage in the competition with PVC fresh-keeping film

the drafting unit of China's first national standard for PE fresh-keeping film is Shanghai Plastic Products Research Institute. It is reported that it tried to sell its trial produced PE fresh-keeping film, but this is a major challenge to some supermarkets. After its use, it was opposed, and the plan to produce PE fresh-keeping film for supermarkets was stopped. This puts forward higher requirements for PE fresh-keeping film manufacturers. While they are in urgent need of them to fill at least 90% of the market gap in supermarkets, fresh-keeping film manufacturers need to find a way to solve the problem that P is the ability to measure the precision of data such as experimental power and displacement, and e is the quality of fresh-keeping film

source of information: International Finance News

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