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Discussion on the reasons why China's domestic high-end machine tools were snubbed by the market

at the 13th China International Machine Tool Exhibition held in April this year, the CNC gear cutting machine tool exhibited by Changsha Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was brilliant, breaking the monopoly position of German enterprises in the project. It can replace the processing equipment such as rolling, inserting, shaving, gear grinding, and solve the problems that cannot be solved by the traditional gear processing technology, and has been widely used in automobile, aviation, aerospace Wind energy and other fields can be widely used. It is an important representative work of Changsha local high-end CNC machine tools. However, the domestic products of machine tools that won the beauty pageant in this way have encountered embarrassment: Although many enterprises have expressed their purchase intention, they have not yet made a deal

the machine tool industry is the machine tool of the machinery industry. For a long time, the high-end CNC machine tools required by China's economic construction and key projects mainly rely on imports. The domestic market share of domestic medium-end CNC systems is only 5%, while 95% of the CNC systems required by high-end machines come from abroad, and the domestic market share of functional components is only 30%. The transformation and upgrading of China's machine tool industry is imminent, but the domestic high-end machine tools, Why is it ignored by the market

current situation:

core competitiveness is not strong, medium and low-end overcapacity

in the machine tool industry, the number of CNC drive shafts is the standard for machine tools, 3-axis and 5-axis are medium and high-end products, and more than 5-axis are high-end products. At present, most machine tools in China are low-grade products with less than 3 axes

unlike the high-end CNC machine tool market, which is basically controlled by Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, the domestic medium and low-end machine tool market has basically squeezed out foreign competitors

the reason for this gap, the person in charge of Changsha Machine Tool Co., Ltd. believes that on the one hand, many enterprises have given you a new understanding of concrete pressure testing machine? I hope the above brief introduction can help you! Pay too much attention to short-term interests, which have become the main basis for enterprise decision-making and resource allocation; On the other hand, users also tend to invest less in technological transformation

some domestic users who buy machine tools have low requirements for accuracy and quality, and the number of products is small and urgent. Considering the investment and income, they tend to choose medium and low-end ordinary machine tools. Domestic machine tools, which are affordable and convenient to purchase, use and after-sales, naturally become the first choice of these enterprises. Changsha Machine Tool person in charge


domestic high-end CNC machine tools have been snubbed by the market

since last year, the demand growth of the domestic machinery industry has slowed down. Many tactile machine tool enterprises have felt that with the transformation and upgrading of China's national economy, the explosive growth period of demand in the early stage of industrialization is about to pass, and the requirements of various industries for equipment level and quality will be higher and higher, China's high-end CNC machine tool market will become a battleground for strategists

in the workshop of Changsha machine tool, I saw the CNC cutting machine tool that was brilliant at the China International Machine Tool Exhibition this year. Now it is processing gears in batches for interested customers. The person in charge of Changsha Machine Tool said that at present, the technology of this CNC cutting machine tool is very mature and can be directly used in production and processing. Many enterprises have expressed their purchase intention, but so far there has been no transaction

customers believe that the main reason is that the price is too high. The relevant person in charge said bluntly after embedding, but there is no way. The key parts of our machine tool are imported from abroad, and the cost itself is very high

even the simplest parts, once used in precision machine tools, must reach a certain degree of precision. The functional components required by CNC machine tools, such as bearings, pendulums and gratings, are in the initial stage in China, and cannot produce first-class products. The technology of the most common parts such as lead screws, guide rails and cutting tools is also relatively backward. For Chinese enterprises committed to building high-end CNC machine tools, not only the high-end links are firmly clamped by foreign brands, but also the high-quality parts and components of tension machines need to be imported, which brings great obstacles to the upgrading of the industry

small and medium-sized customers can't afford it, but large enterprises dare not use it. Some large joint ventures have used foreign CNC machine tools as early as the beginning of the design of the production line. If they want to change the master machine, whether the product can be applied is on the one hand, and whether the joint venture can accept it is also the key. Peng Keli, deputy general manager of Hunan Haijie Precision Industry Co., Ltd., said that in such a situation, we can only provide trial services for customers who are interested in buying, so that they can feel the benefits of domestic high-end CNC machine tools, so as to obtain customer support


each shows its magic power and strives to break into the upper class society

solve the embarrassment of the industrial development of domestic machine tools. On the one hand, major enterprises should strengthen the hard power of their main products, on the other hand, machine tool enterprises have also launched NC machine tools with different levels of configuration for different customer groups

as the trump card of Changsha machine tool, broach series has always been the first in sales in China. After years of systematic research on melt gear pump, the rubber and Plastic Machinery Research Institute of Beijing University of chemical technology often finds that it is applied to the automotive field. Last year, Chery placed 800 million orders with us within three months. The person in charge of Changsha Machine Tool Co., Ltd. said: for domestic enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry, BYD, Chery, Geely, their gearboxes, gearboxes, transmission shafts, and can body engines are processed with our broaching machine

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