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In order to comply with the development trend and market demand of the global shipbuilding industry and promote China's transformation from a large shipbuilding country to a powerful shipbuilding country, the report on the application of control system instruments and meters in ship and ocean engineering was held

to put forward new strategies and measures for the future Shanghai ship and ocean engineering automatic control system industry, Shanghai Instrumentation Industry Association and Shanghai Shipbuilding Industry Association jointly applied to the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission for the special project of "Shanghai Shipbuilding and ocean engineering automatic control Bayer Material Technology is currently cooperating with Bayer crop science company and Bayer healthcare company to study the industrial development of the system", which has been approved a few days ago. By relying on the project, the special project will propose a cooperation mechanism for the joint development of relevant enterprises and institutions upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, so as to improve the independent matching rate of instrument and control products in ship and ocean engineering, expand the advantages of large models of experimental machines, expand the application fields of instrument and control products, and promote the development of instrument and control industry

in order to make relevant member units understand the application and development trend of control systems and instruments in marine engineering, and choose to participate in relevant activities on the basis of understanding the special projects, on the afternoon of December 13, the Shanghai Instrumentation Industry Association held a special report on the application and development trend of control systems and instruments in marine engineering in the conference room of Shanghai Science and technology development and exchange center. Leaders and technicians from relevant member units of the association attended the meeting

Yang Xinfa, vice president and Secretary General of Shanghai Shipbuilding Industry Association, described the background of the special project "Research on the industrial development of Shanghai Shipbuilding and offshore engineering automatic control system" with a large amount of information, and put forward the implementation plan and objectives

Zhou Zhennan, a researcher of Shanghai Shipbuilding Research and Design Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, discussed the composition of the engine room automatic control system, the current situation and prospects of the industry at home and abroad, and introduced the requirements of the future marine engine room automation system with the title of "the application status and prospects of control systems and instruments in marine engineering"

houxinguang, a researcher of Shanghai Institute of Ship Transportation Sciences, discussed the composition, history, current situation and application of ship and ocean engineering automation, prospected the development trend of ship and ocean engineering automation technology, and put forward the current key research fields

the speeches of the three experts attracted the attention and interest of the participants. After the meeting, some units expressed their willingness to participate in the special project

The meeting was presided over by Secretary General zhangbo of Shanghai Instrument Industry Association

Zheng Zuming, vice chairman of Shanghai Instrument and meter industry association, attended the meeting and delivered a speech entrusted by Chairman Zhu Yuchen. On behalf of chairman Zhu, vice president Zheng thanked the leaders of the shipbuilding industry association, speech experts, and participants for their efforts and contributions to the development of China's shipbuilding industry and marine industry, and their concern and support for today's report and release that Kobe Steel, Japan's third largest steel enterprise, was exposed to be suspected of falsifying product delivery data to show the instrument and control industry. At the same time, he hoped that instrument and meter enterprises would strengthen their contacts and cooperation with the shipbuilding industry, seize opportunities, meet needs Win win cooperation, actively participate in special research and cooperative development, and finally provide control systems and instrumentation products that can meet the needs of marine engineering, so as to make new contributions to China's becoming a powerful shipbuilding country. He also hoped that the two associations would work closely to implement the new strategies and measures for the automatic control system industry of Shanghai Shipbuilding and offshore engineering, and do a good job in the protection and disposal of them when necessary. He also asked the Secretariat of the instrument industry association to continue to do a good job in all stages of the special work as planned, and strive to build a good platform for enterprises according to the requirements of president Zhu

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