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Ink industry: decentralized equipment report

with the slight growth of the ink industry in 2005, decentralized equipment manufacturers have seen an increase in the investment of ink companies in equipment costs

investment in basic equipment is a wind vane to judge whether the ink industry is moving forward. According to the industry, 2005 was a mixed year for the ink industry. Sales rose slightly, but profits were eroded by soaring raw material and energy costs

with the slight growth of the ink industry last year, decentralized equipment manufacturers have noticed that the ink industry has increased its investment in basic equipment costs

stewart rissley, domestic sales manager of SPX processing equipment of premier mill, said, "the sales volume of our standard equipment and patented product - axial pin disks has increased."

Christine Angos, product application engineer of Charles Ross son, said, "our accessory sales in 2005 were about twice that in 2004."

there may be dual factors in the increase of equipment investment. First of all, some areas of the ink industry are in the growth stage, such as digital and UV inks, and ink companies hope that these products will bring them profits. Secondly, ink companies are focusing on how to improve efficiency, and firmly believe that in the long run, the investment in new equipment will bring returns

kerstin Grosse, an expert in the grinding and dispersion Department of Buhler American company, said, "some market areas show an increasing trend, and there is room for the investment in fixed equipment to rise. Similarly, the demand from traditional customers shows signs of recovery, and they hope to optimize the production process."

Harry way, technical director of Netzsch precision instruments, said, "in the past year, not only in North America, but also in the global ink industry, large investments in fixed equipment are common." he also said that Netzsch's sales in China have also increased significantly. "We attribute these conditions to the growth of the U.S. economy and the efficiency improvement procedures within the company, such as the" 6 Sigma "plan."

George J. Murphy, the domestic sales manager of hockmeyer equipment company, said, "in the past year, there have been too many changes and actions in the ink industry. We have seen that more and more people are interested in the technical upgrading, efficiency improvement and humanization improvement of operators of old equipment."

premier mill's growth point of loading and unloading dispersion tray

many areas in the ink industry have achieved solid growth. For example, the sales engineers of Korkmaz Oz and draiswerke noticed that UV and inkjet inks were two very significant growth points. Mr. rissley said that in North America, all types of inks have increased. For UV ink, Mr. way also holds the same view

ms. Grosse said that the growth of inkjet and UV curing products in the Midwest, eastern coast and southern regions of the United States is obvious, and the development momentum of flexo is the strongest. Ms. Angos also pointed out that in the Midwest and northeast regions, Elsevier company of the Netherlands, which is usually used to print packaging materials, is an enterprise that provides scientific, technical and medical information products and services. The selection index of the universal material testing machine for water-based and solvent based flexographic ink is the high molecular polymer or its related materials, inkjet, UV and offset printing ink, with the largest growth rate

mr. Murphy mentioned that the whole ink industry is facing good development opportunities

mr. Murphy said, "hockmeyer has also seen the growth and active performance of the ink industry in all regions and fields. Ink manufacturers have been constantly seeking better and simpler ways to produce products of the same or even higher quality, so as to improve the price competitiveness and profit margin of products."

key elements

when ink manufacturers prepare to purchase new dispersion equipment, many factors are emphatically considered, including the improvement of production process, particle size and fineness, as well as better technical services

ms. Grosse said: "We believe that our customers will never stop their pursuit of process improvement and particle size fineness. Our customers seem to appreciate the provision of a full range of products and services, including product development, process planning and design, reliable and efficient equipment, after-sales service and global training. Because we provide customers with convenient and worry-free one-stop products and services, they can specialize in the competitive market Focus on its core competitiveness. "

mr. Murphy said, "customers expect to improve the production process and grinding fineness. Generally, we see that customers can achieve the best effect of pigments through process improvement and provide high-quality products, so as to maintain a leading competitive advantage. At the same time, they also hope that equipment suppliers can provide reliable product services and technical support."

ms. Angos said, "customers' requirements mainly include the following aspects: shortening the grinding time of products, improving the production speed, improving the production process, improving the particle size fineness, improving the high shear mixing effect, shortening the cycle time and eliminating non recyclable grinding equipment."

mr. oz said that customers expect the particle fineness to be higher, so as to reach the nanometer level. It is easy to clean when changing batch production quickly, and it can remain stable when grinding products with different formulas and viscosities on the same equipment

charles Ross son's megashear embedded high shear mixer

used equipment market

for the current situation of the ink industry, the market for used equipment is quite large. Ms. Grosse said that many customers are interested in second-hand equipment, especially when customers need to carefully improve existing equipment and seek quick solutions

mr. Murphy specifically mentioned that hockmeyer has an equipment recycling Department, which can recycle or deduct the purchase of any old disperser, mixer or ink cylinder, transform the equipment through the original provided by the parts supplier, and then put the products with quality assurance on the market again

mr. Murphy mentioned, "Our old equipment inventory turnover is very successful. In most cases, the transaction of old dispersers or agitators only stays on the operability. If your old equipment is not purchased from the original supplier, it will bring you great risks. Not only that, the final price may also be very expensive. The replacement of parts is not cheap, when you replace the disperser shaft and mechanical seal grinding cavity to achieve During equipment transformation, the actual cost is the same as that of purchasing new equipment. So you might as well buy new grinding equipment with the latest technology. "

mr. Murphy then said, "in terms of my 20 years of experience in decentralized equipment product service and sales, there are indeed few successful transactions for old equipment. Of course, there are some, but they are almost negligible."

tighten it when the oil that comes out does not contain bubbles. Mr. rissley said, "everyone hopes to save costs by purchasing second-hand equipment. The problem is that this kind of transformation lacks special machinery. At present, most companies only transform their own products."

draiswerke's DCP

new products and new technologies of dispersion system

ink company focuses on how to improve production efficiency and particle fineness. These requirements make dispersion equipment suppliers work very hard to develop new technologies

draiswerke's DCP technology sets a new standard for the wet grinding of high-tech products. The pigment size of the products can reach the nanometer level without metal impurities

the newly developed combined equipment assembly line based on DCP technology can realize assembly line operation for several grinding and dispersion equipment based on the most common working principles

first, the product is pre dispersed in the pre dispersion/grinding area. Then, the product and the grinding medium flow into the grinding area and have a strong impact on it through the interaction between the rotor and the stator. After the completion of this process, the mixture of product and grinding medium continues to flow upstream into strong turbulence and high shear areas, so as to obtain more uniform and high gloss products

the outer surface of DCP dispersion equipment is coated with special polymer or ceramic materials, so that it can be used in areas with extremely strict requirements for metal residue, achieving zero metal residue

according to draiswerke, DCP Technology

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