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The report meeting on the development strategy of China's soft plastic material production base - and the completion ceremony of the 60000 ton soft plastic new material project was held in Shenda victory

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the report meeting on the development strategy of China's soft plastic material production base - and the completion ceremony of the 60000 ton soft plastic new material project was held in Shenda victory

autumn October, Dangui fragrance, Jiangnan Guyi Jiangyin welcomed hundreds of guests and friends at home and abroad. The "report meeting on the development strategy of China's soft plastic material production base and the completion and production ceremony of 60000 ton soft plastic new material project" hosted by Shenda science and Technology Industrial Park was held here

Shenda science and Technology Industrial Park was approved by China Packaging Technology Association as the "production base of soft plastic packaging materials in China" in March 2000, and by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China as the "industrialization base of new materials in the National 863 Program" in August 2000. It is the first batch of national township enterprise science and technology industrial parks approved by the Ministry of agriculture. Under the leadership and care of Party committees and governments at all levels, with the support of relevant departments, customers and peers, and through their own hard work, the economic and scientific research strength of the park has begun to take shape. The 60000 ton soft plastic material production line, which broke ground in July 2001, has been successfully fed and discharged on July 18, 2002, and has created three of the world's largest "production scale, technical content and construction cycle". In the area, there are three enterprise groups, including Shenda group, Jiangsu Shenlong venture group and Nanjing Zhongda film (Group), 16 production enterprises and a provincial plastic packaging engineering research center, including 5 Sino foreign joint ventures cooperating with the United States, Japan and Hong Kong, and 1 listed company. Over the past few years, enterprises in the park have successively introduced a number of internationally advanced production technology and equipment such as biaxially stretched films and laser plate making from Britain, the United States, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and other countries, forming a production capacity of 130000 tons of various plastic packaging substrates, color printing composite flexible packaging, and 20000 laser plate making, providing a large number of high-quality packaging materials for China's tobacco, food, medicine, audio-visual and other industries, It has become the largest export packaging production base in China, and is a stable cooperative supporting enterprise of multinational companies such as Henkel and Unilever. There are more than 1700 employees in the park, including more than 600 with college degree or above and more than 200 with medium and senior professional and technical titles. In 2001, the park achieved sales revenue of 1.4 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 145 million yuan. In 2002, it is planned to achieve sales revenue of 2billion yuan and profit and tax of 200million yuan

in terms of industrial scale, the park has basically formed a large-scale, professional and serialized industrial pattern. The single advantage of enterprises forms the advantage of specialized production scale with high-tech products as the core between enterprises; The professional advantages of different products have formed the overall advantage of the organic combination between products. The enterprises in the region have embarked on the road of large-scale operation and division of labor and cooperation, improved the confidence of enterprises to participate in market competition, and enhanced the ability of enterprises to participate in market competition, which plays a positive role in occupying the domestic market and opening up the international market. At the same time, it will continue to promote China's flexible plastic packaging industry to high-grade High value-added direction

in terms of technical talents, the existing products, equipment, technology and processes of enterprises in the region are among the best in the world. It not only has rich practical experience and core technology in the main product technology and process, but also has obvious results in the production, learning and research technical cooperation. Due to the complete variety of soft plastic packaging materials products in the park, with first-class production equipment, first-class scientific research and testing equipment, it has attracted first-class experts, first-class scientific research institutions and colleges and universities in domestic soft plastic packaging materials and polymer materials to contact and cooperate with the company to develop high-tech products; The aggregation effect of the specialized production base has attracted a large number of professional and technical talents and management talents, built a talent highland for the sustainable development of the enterprise, and created a group of compound talents who are young, skilled, good at management and able to operate

in terms of capital operation, the existing Nanjing Zhongda manufacturing (Group) Co., Ltd. (Code: 60074) in the park is a listed company, and Jiangsu Shenlong High Tech Co., Ltd. is a proposed listed company. Among them, Nanjing Zhongda (60074) is the first listed company in China's soft plastic material industry, with the reputation of "the first share of film making in China", and was rated as one of the top 100 listed companies in China by new fortune magazine in 2001; In 2002, it was rated as "top 50 listed companies with the most development potential in China" by China Securities Journal and Asia Business Consulting Co., Ltd ". as the region not only has strong capital operation ability, but also has fast construction speed, short cycle, high return and good reputation. It has also received strong support from banks and the trust of the majority of shareholders. The effective combination of direct financing and indirect financing has ensured the development needs of enterprises. Within two years, the cumulative investment of the project is 1.2 billion yuan (raising funds of 700million yuan from the capital market and attracting investment of 6million dollars) It is equivalent to the total investment of an enterprise for 25 consecutive years. Assets increased from more than 500 million in 1998 to 1.8 billion in 2002; The sales revenue increased from 500million in 1998 to 1.4 billion in 2001, and increased three times in three years. The strong financing ability has promoted the rapid development of the enterprise, and also laid a solid foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of the foundation

in terms of policy environment, enterprises in the park have gradually established a modern enterprise system, realizing the separation of rights between enterprise owners and managers. In addition, professional manager system has been implemented. The enterprise has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the national, provincial and municipal science and technology commissions; At present, the existing 3 square kilometer Park (Shenda science and Technology Industrial Park) in the park has been completed, and the Jiangsu riverside economic belt international packaging Park, which plans to build an "Asian packaging center", has been launched in the first phase of the implementation of 6 square kilometers. The land in the area has reached nine connections and one leveling, and the infrastructure is complete. There are three power plants with a total installed capacity of 1.9 million KW, three water plants with a daily water supply capacity of more than 1 million tons, five sewage treatment plants and four thermal power plants, as well as 10000 program-controlled and broadband facilities, customs supervision points, public bonded warehouses, schools, hospitals, hotels and other supporting facilities. The clearing experimental platform road in the district will be opened to traffic at the end of October. A few days ago, the first domestic largest biaxial stretching polyester film project in cooperation with Hong Kong Anheng company started construction in mid October, and a $100million new material project jointly invested with the United States has also been signed. Recently, large international packaging group companies from the United States, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Japan and other countries have come to the park to discuss project construction

not long ago, the World Packaging Organization has agreed to set up an "Asian packaging center" in China. The purpose is to establish a packaging industry center integrating research and development, manufacturing, circulation and information in Asia, and to lead and drive the rapid and orderly development of Asian packaging industry, which is undoubtedly a major opportunity for China's packaging industry. At present, Shenda science and Technology Industrial Park is fully participating in the bid of Jiangsu Provincial People's government and Jiangyin Municipal People's government to actively strive for the settlement of the "Asian packaging center" in Jiangyin. In order to cooperate with the bid of the "Asian packaging center", the overall planning is 80 square kilometers for the construction of the center, which is divided into a soft plastic material base with an annual output of 500000 tons and an area of 5 square kilometers; A printing and packaging base covering an area of 2 square kilometers; 2 square kilometers of packaging, manufacturing base of construction machinery with very high dimensional stability under high temperature; A 2-square-kilometer laser engraving plate making base and a 3-square-kilometer logistics center as well as supporting facilities and areas such as schools, hospitals and hotels form "one center and five bases", which is the largest packaging center in Asia integrating manufacturing, information, logistics, education and services. Taking Shenda science and Technology Industrial Park as the carrier, and giving full play to the advantages of Shenda science and Technology Industrial Park in talent, technology, equipment, capital and market resources, the construction of Asian packaging center will certainly form a good agglomeration effect in the short term, so that the construction of Asian packaging center will get twice the result with half the effort; Attracting the "sub package center" to settle in Jiangyin will also further promote the development of the packaging industry in East China, improve the layout of the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta, give full play to the radiation function of the "sub package center", and promote the development and innovation of China's packaging industry as a whole

in order to report the development status of the park base, jointly discuss the future development strategy, speed up the development of Shenda international science and technology park along the river, strengthen international and domestic investment attraction, and publicize and display the 60000 tons of new material products and their new advantages, new development and new image of the park base, Shenda science and Technology Industrial Park held this grand event. More than 500 guests from leaders of the National People's Congress, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, relevant leaders of the Jiangsu provincial government, the World Packaging Organization, the French packaging Silicon Valley, as well as world-renowned enterprises, international consortiums, and multimedia attended the event. During the event, the "new material promotion and project Symposium", "60000 ton soft plastic new material completion and production ceremony", "China soft plastic packaging material production base development strategy report meeting" and "foundation laying ceremony of biaxial stretching polyester film project" were successfully held. Mr. zhangguoping, executive deputy director of the base development committee and director of the park management committee, proposed at the strategic report meeting that the soft plastic new materials of the park base should reach 150000 tons next year, 300000 tons in 2005, with an output value of 6billion, and strive to exceed 10billion in 2008. In the next three years, in terms of scientific research and new product development, we will develop 15 new products with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness, undertake more than 50 scientific and technological projects and apply for more than 20 patents. We should focus on developing environmentally friendly packaging materials, nano packaging materials, heat shrinkable packaging materials, microwave resistant packaging materials, high barrier packaging materials, high transparency packaging materials and sterile packaging materials, and continue to simultaneously increase the development of color printing packaging and laser plate making products. At present, the GMP project of pharmaceutical packaging is being implemented smoothly. In addition, Shenda will also make bold attempts to actively and steadily set foot in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biological, life sciences and other high-tech fields. In terms of capital operation, with the listing of Shenlong high tech, the park base will have two listed companies, which will provide sufficient capital guarantee for the development of Shenda and open space for the rapid development of the park base. In the construction of the park, in addition to continuing to increase and speed up the investment attraction and development of the existing park, it will further expand the construction intensity and pace of Jiangyin International Packaging City in Jiangsu riverside economic belt, and actively strive for the settlement of Asian packaging center

this grand event will have a significant and far-reaching impact on strengthening the communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign customers, enhancing the marketing strength of international and domestic markets, accelerating the pace of Park base construction, enhancing the influence and status of China's soft plastic industry in the international packaging industry, and promoting the development of Jiangyin Riverside economic belt

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