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Adapt to the market development, the machine tool industry shows new characteristics

first, from the perspective of the whole industry, the production of low-grade products is less, and the production of medium and high-end, special products is more

the adjustment of product structure by machine tool enterprises is specifically reflected in four aspects:

first, from the perspective of the whole industry, the production of low-end products is less, and the production of medium and high-end, special-purpose products is more

second, the achievements of independent innovation are remarkable: a number of high-speed, precision, composite, and affordable multi axis CNC machine tools have been developed, as well as a number of new products of large-scale and large tonnage CNC machine tools, especially heavy-duty metal cutting machine tools, have developed rapidly

third, the investment in fixed assets has increased rapidly: a number of major technological transformation projects have been completed and played a role, especially the production capacity of heavy machine tools has been greatly improved

fourth, the business mode of enterprises began to change. Such as vigorously improving production efficiency, reducing manufacturing costs, further optimizing the enterprise supply chain, and further strengthening technical services for users

with the above positive changes, some deep-seated contradictions in the industry have become more prominent. For example, the leading products produced by the industry do not meet the needs of national economic development, the overcapacity of low-end products and the insufficient capacity of high-end products in the industry, the development of domestic high-performance functional components and host machines are out of balance, and there are many scientific research plans but the industrialization application effect is not obvious

in 2013, the machine tool industry must highlight strategic priorities, clarify the main direction of attack, further accelerate structural adjustment and change the development mode, and create conditions and environment for the healthy and sustainable development of the industry

first, further accelerate the structural adjustment of machine tool products. Compress the production of low-grade and ordinary products; Eliminate backward, polluting and high energy consuming products; Develop products with high technological content and economic added value; From providing single machine to providing complete set of line forming equipment

second, further improve the industrial chain. Increase policy support, break through the bottleneck of the development of CNC machine tool industry, vigorously develop CNC systems and functional components, and improve the proportion of CNC systems and functional components in the industry; Encourage the development of CNC cutting tools, complex cutting tools, Precision Gauges, high-end abrasives, abrasives and superhard materials and products

third, implement enterprise structure adjustment. Give full play to the advantages of batch manufacturing capacity of key backbone enterprises, and encourage moderate centralized production of general-purpose mainframe manufacturing; Support special, special and precision CNC machine tool manufacturing enterprises; Expand the scale of research and manufacturing enterprises and manufacturing technology service enterprises using chromium oxide grinding paste for functional parts; Encourage the optimization and reorganization of enterprise assets, and promote the transformation of enterprise structure to the direction of large and strong, small and specialized; Develop lean management and agile manufacturing

fourth, improve the professional production level of manufacturing process. Improve the production organization mode of enterprises, reasonably allocate resources, integrate the four basic process capabilities of casting, forging, heat treatment and surface treatment in the region, and build a professional production center; Promote advanced manufacturing technology and cleaner production methods, improve material utilization and production efficiency, and reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions

fifth, adjust the import and export trade of the industry. A thermal field emission scanning electronic mirror is testing the easy structure of PCB. We should constantly raise the threshold of imported equipment and technology, strive to improve the grade of export products, resolve to reduce the export of high energy consumption, high pollution and resource products, increase the proportion of exports of medium and high-end CNC products, strive to expand the export of technical services, and constantly improve the efficiency of industrial exports

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