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I'll teach you some tips on how to choose a barcode printer

when choosing a barcode printer, you should pay attention to the following points before you can buy a product suitable for you

(1) determine the model according to the number of bar code printers. If your number of bar code printers does not exceed 4000 a day, it is recommended that you buy ordinary commercial (some commonly known as office type) bar code printers. The paper capacity and carbon belt capacity of commercial bar code printers are small, and the shape of the whole product is small and exquisite, which is very suitable to be placed in office places without occupying an area, In recent years, developed countries such as the United States and Japan have taken the lead in turning their attention to the phenolic insulation board code printer, which is both energy-saving and fire-proof, and the effect and quality of the code printer can meet the demand. If you need more than 4000 labels a day, it is recommended that you buy an industrial barcode printer, which is mainly made of steel structure and can accommodate large paper rolls and long carbon tapes. In the service life and harsh environment, it is very good because Bai lost too much money at the mahjong table, so it is a suitable choice for large factories. Such as Sato cl408e barcode printer, zebra barcode printer, etc

(2) select the model according to the quality requirements of the bar code printer. If your application site has high requirements for the quality of the bar code printer, such as jewelry, or requires the bar code printer to be on a small label, it is recommended that you use a 300dpi bar code printer (Sato cl412e industrial bar code printer), and other general wheat labels can use 200dpi

(3) select the model according to the software requirements. At present, the vast majority of bar code printers on the market can only use one bar code printer language, and can only use their own bar code printer commands, which are incompatible with each other. If you can consider language compatibility when purchasing, you can improve the use of bar code printers to a greater extent

(4) if you choose to set up a formal base in China, many products are only sold to agents in China. It is likely that the main business of agents is not the products you want to buy, or the technical support of agents is not enough, etc. we suggest that you must find a brand with a formal base in China

(5) choose dealers who can provide comprehensive services. Some dealers claim that they can provide all bar code printer products. In fact, for consumers, the most important thing is not this. What consumers need is whether the dealer can provide complete technical support, after-sales service and supporting related products for a certain product. For example, Consumables matching with barcode printer is a very important reference. When choosing barcode printer, dealers should be required to provide appropriate consumables related to this barcode printer at the same time, because some inappropriate consumables and barcode printer may not produce perfect barcode printer effect

the printer used on the production line or in the warehouse should choose the model with metal shell, such as Sato CL series and zebra Xi III series; The desktop personal printer series can be selected in the point of sale or office because it requires less space and is easy to move

bar code printers have excellent performance in terms of printing effect and speed, but there are still customers who ignore some steps and cause problems in printing. In fact, most of the problems can be avoided

the most common problem of printers is the deviation of printing position. Users should note that when printing labels of different sizes for the first time, they should first adjust the size of the required labels, otherwise the printing position will deviate. In fact, label size adjustment is very simple. All types of Zebra printers are equipped with automatic adjustment function. Users only need to press the correction key on the control board, and the printer will automatically detect the size of the label to ensure the accurate printing position

another common problem is that the bottom paper of the label is too thick, so that the sensor of the printer cannot detect the size of the label. When encountering the above situations, users should choose the label with a thin bottom paper, which can greatly reduce the printing caused by the poor quality of the label and make the graphics display damage with the best scale

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